The Flavor of Your Pose: Bird of Paradise with Caley Alyssa

If your favorite yoga pose was a flavor, what would it be? Caley Alyssa flies away to a tropical wonderland in Bird of Paradise.

Unexpected pairings and breakthroughs are just one added benefit of a yoga practice. Beloved teacher Caley Alyssa breaks down Bird of Paradise for us here.

An advanced balancing pose that offers an intense hip and shoulder stretch, Bird of Paradise is one of those poses you either love or hate. It takes lots or prep work to build up to BoP—we’re talking hours in a Bound Side Angle to master it. Once you’re in it, though, feel like a bird in paradise ready to fly away and soak up the sweetness of the tropics.

People tend to have strong opinions about berry-flavored things too—but there’s no denying that berry has the ability to call to mind warm days, sunny skies, and the kind of unconventional life we all dream of.

What are your favorite variations on traditional poses?