Dispatches From the Stars: Your Weekly Horoscope (January 30–February 3, 2017)

Prepare to feel restlessly romantic.

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with the Astrotwins, who will be providing us with weekly insights to the stars. This overview was originally published on Astrostyle.com

Your Weekly Overview

Visualization is the first step in manifestation. So how about picturing the outcome you’d actually like to create? Early this week, the moon rolls through dreamweaver Pisces, activating the right sides of our brains. In reality, we are always attracting something. And quite often that picture is filled with worries, fears, and catastrophic “what if” scenarios. Tune in: Getting present to that internal dialogue allows us to change the script.

On Monday, la luna will meet up with quixotic Neptune, followed by a tete-a-tete with Venus on Tuesday. With this cosmic trifecta afoot, the Law of Attraction will be in full effect. Take some quiet time to meditate and listen to that ever-whirring voice in your head. What rhetoric is it actually feeding you? A little free-writing sesh with the old journal could be insanely illuminating. Pour out all those “unevolved” thoughts onto paper—and please don’t judge! The reptilian brain is real, folks, and so is the ego, which is actually here to keep you safe from harm—even if its directives aren’t always the best ones to follow.

But here’s the thing: Awareness allows for alchemy. Once you’ve illuminated the monsters under the bed (or in your head, as it were), you’ll be free to explore a more idealistic notion of what your world—and the world you share with others—might be. In the words of womanpower icon Gloria Steinem, “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

On Friday, amorous Venus sambas into Aries, joining her dance partner Mars for a spin that lasts until March 9. These two planets haven’t connected since February 2015—and excuse us, but is it getting kind of steamy in here? If you’re ready for an ice bucket challenge by the weekend, we wouldn’t be surprised. Enjoy the smoldering vibes but plan ahead: From March 4 until April 15, Venus will make her every-other-year retrograde, even slipping back into Pisces on April 2. But there WILL be a sequel, as Venus revisits the Ram’s realm from April 28 to June 6. What gets fired up now could even combust then reignite in the late spring. To avoid a total meltdown, don’t rush into relationships “eyes wide shut” or take too many romantic risks in too short a period of time. Certainly it’s time to rock the boat a bit, but careful not to capsize things just when they’re flowing along with ease.

By the same token, Venus and Mars in Aries can help us lighten up a bit in love. We might all be restless romantics until early March, with our ardent appetites changing by the house. Forget about penning passionate love letters or pining for unrequited love. (You can save that for March 9, when Mars decamps to traditional Taurus.) Venus in Aries gives us the courage to just put it all out there in an unbridled and sexually liberated kinda way. Single? Right swipe away! There’s no guarantee it WON’T be a love match, and Aries energy helps us all act on instinct. Coupled? Switch up your bonding strategy, STAT. Wrap up the Netflix series, read one more Rumi poem, and that’s it. Then, take your relationship to the dance floor, rock-climbing gym, or boutique hotel with in-room spa services. Activity dates are what daredevil Aries desires—and pumped full of endorphins, your “old ball and chain” could start looking like a hella sexy fireball once again.

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