Discovering the Powerful Connection Between Art and Yoga

Artist and yogini Amanda Giacomini talks discusses how art and spirituality are woven into everyday life

“I felt that because I had this powerful experience, I wanted to dedicate my life to something that would be uplifting to others, to be of service—so I began to teach yoga.” – Amanda Giacomini

In this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass, artist and yogini Amanda Giacomini lectures on how art and spirituality are woven into everyday life. As a classically-trained artist, Giacomini found that her foray into the professional art world left her wanting. Lacking inspiration, feeling unfulfilled, and seeking guidance, her path was unclear. It wasn’t until a series of life-altering events that she realized she needed to shift her perspective.

Drawn to the spiritual teachings and beautifully illustrated texts in the practice of Buddhism, Giacomini sought solace in yoga. The lessons healed her heart and mind, while the physical practice soothed her body. While tragedy may have been her catalyst for change, yoga and art paved the way for the next steps of her journey. Now a renowned teacher, artist, and author, Giacomini is working on her current project of painting 10,000 Buddhas.  This repetitive practice echos the lessons on patience and dedication found in yoga while still allowing her to share her craft with the world.

“This vision of 10,0000 Buddhas is a vision of us as equals, of us rising up and evolving together through our practice.” – Amanda Giacomini

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