Dance Break: Listen to Your Gut

The body doesn’t lie

I pulled a crazy move last week.

As free spirited as I love to consider myself, I’m still the kind of person who shows up where I’m supposed to, (usually) on time, with a bag of kale chips just in case there’s nothing good to eat.

But while soaking up the last rays of sun on the last day of my last Wanderlust Festival of the summer, I realized I wasn’t ready to get on the NYC-bound flight I’d booked months before. I couldn’t rationalize why, because it wasn’t my mind nudging me to stay out west; it was my gut.

And since pretty much all I talk about is just how genius that thing is, I had to follow it.
So I hitched a ride to LA for a week, and it was basically one giant thumbs up from the universe.

As Martha Graham put it: The body doesn’t lie.

When our external circumstances are in flux (aka always), we’ve got a direct line of communication to the truth inhabiting our heads shoulders knees & toes.

As Elena B put it the other night at Deep House Yoga:
The question to ask in each + every moment is
Am I opening? Or am I closing?

Sometimes it’s necessary to be closed.
Other times, hardening our hearts is just a way of keeping them from cracking open to the well of inspiration, information and new possibilities available to us.

It’s not about a specific time, space, person or choice.
It’s about trusting life,
following your highest excitement,
and saying YES to what your bones know to be real.

Photo by Neil Gandhi 

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