Clear Your Head of Rubbish

We all have the stuff in our brains that nags at us all day. Release it.

You know all that crap in your head?
The stuff that’s been worrying and judging and blaming and making you just the tiniest bit miserable all day?

You’re making it all up. And so am I. 
Most of the time, our thoughts are just entrenched patterns with a stronghold on our neural pathways. Something like 80 percent of our conscious thoughts are things we think every single day. And we’re probably not thinking them because they’re true or even useful; we’re just used to them.

Know what’s never fake?
The entire territory living below your head.

The body anchors us to what’s actually real: that which is strong and unstoppable and came here to do some really good things in this world.

When we drop into a beat, reality takes over and rewires our brains intelligently by clearing out the crap that desperately wants us to believe it’s real, but ultimately just wastes our life.

Dancing is just like brushing your teeth, except you’re brushing your entire body mind and soul. What you listen to gets louder, so pay attention to the stuff that tells you you’re totally capable of kicking ass, and that it’s time to go produce some magic.


Photo by Tinker Coalescing 

Founder of The Get Down, Tasha Blank lives in service of Dance, which, when done real, is the quickest path to love in the here + now. She creates events that disrupt the status quo by injecting incredible beats with the intention to let wild our most liberated badassery. Her DJ sets meet you in the moment, and invite you on a physio-sonic trip into a newer, bigger you. Her weekly emails deliver extraordinary beats to thousands of music-hungry dancing maniacs. Sign up at