Taylor Conroy: Learn How to Make an Impact and a Profit

Let’s be honest: nobody does what they do because they DON’T want to have an impact on the…

Let’s be honest: nobody does what they do because they DON’T want to have an impact on the world, right? But sometimes the motivation wears off, or the mundane tasks that make up the to-do list just aren’t as inspiring as they once were.

If you need a little dose of, “Holy cow, I can DO this!” you need only to spend the next 20 minutes with Taylor Conroy, the ass-kicking visionary behind Change Heroes.

In this Speakeasy from Wanderlust Whistler 2014, Taylor shares:

  • the impetus that led to his founding Change Heroes, an insanely successful fundraising platform that builds schools all over the world,
  • the first steps he took to realize his dream of making a huge impact in the world,
  • how and why Change Heroes is raising fistfuls of dollars, exploiting the middle ground between the power of human interaction and the stickiness and virality of social media,
  • the definition of the word ‘minga’ and why he thinks it should be a household name,
  • how you can get involved in changing the lives of schoolchildren internationally, or simply take the same inspiration and make a difference in your own backyard.

“I’d like to start a minga with every single person in this room,” Conroy says. “But whether you start your own minga, whether you share one of those videos, whether you give to one of the campaigns, do whatever you want to do, but just do something.” After watching Conroy’s utterly infectious enthusiasm for making a difference in the world, it would be almost impossible not to.

Learn more about Change Heroes and how can can start your very own ‘minga’ at changeheroes.com.