Dr. Ronald Alexander: The Buddha’s Toolkit to Awaken Your Intuition

We all know that we should meditate, because we know that it’s good for us, in some way.…

We all know that we should meditate, because we know that it’s good for us, in some way. Well, if you want to know why you should meditate and why it’s good for you, this Speakeasy talk from Dr. Ronald Alexander is for you.

Dr. Ron presents the science of what happens neurologically when we meditate, and how exactly mindfulness works to foster focused attention, open presence, greater compassion, ease of single-pointed concentration, and increased insight.

He will cover:

  • how meditation promotes resonance between couples, and also between parents and children,
  • why Zen meditators were more easily able to return to “baseline” after being distracted during a monitored meditation,
  • how studies have proven that regular meditation leads to greater immune function in the body,
  • how “compassion meditation” actually activates the part of the brain associated with our ability to process empathy,
  • and he describes how the concept of neuroplasticity gives hope for people of ALL ages to be able to change their thinking patterns and thus alter their behavior.

Even better, once you’ve absorbed these convincing points on why your body thanks you each time you sit down on the meditation cushion, at the end of his lecture Dr. Ron leads you through a short 20 minute meditation session that will help lengthen your telomeres, strengthen the neural circuitry that creates habits of focus, and balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. (And having seen his Speakeasy, you’ll now know what all of that means.)