Ben Roberts: The World Isn’t as Complicated As We Make It

Ben Roberts is leading runs at Wanderlust Austin. Join us November 6-9 for a block party of fun…

Ben Roberts is leading runs at Wanderlust Austin. Join us November 6-9 for a block party of fun and yoga! Get tickets!

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Wanderlust: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ben Roberts: I love my job now but I think it would be so cool to be a farmer – just on a small scale. I’ve tried growing some potted greens and veggies recently, though, and let’s just say I’m not quite ready to quit my day job.

WL: What did your child self want to be when you grew up?
BR: Rich. That was really the only thing that mattered to me when I was a kid. I thought I wanted to be a doctor. I just wanted all the things I saw in movies. I think I’ve grown out of that a bit though.

WL: What is your favorite inspirational video?

WL: What is your personal theme song?
BR: This is very strange, but this song popped in my head from nowhere and stuck there during my first marathon. I thought it was so weird and hilarious and now I still get a kick out of it.

WL: What is your biggest fear?
BR: Every time I get out of bed in the dark, I’m certain there’s going to be a snake coiled under my feet, poised to bite my ankle. I’m almost as afraid of snakes as I am of heights…

WL: What is your favorite yoga pose?
BR: I think everyone’s favorite is savasana. Forearm stand is a close second. It’s a newer one for me so I’m enjoying the balance.

WL: What is your least favorite yoga pose?
BR: Crow pose at the end of a heated class. Clearly, I can never keep my knees from sliding down and I always feel like I’m being choked/waterboarded by my own sweat.

WL: What has been your most embarrassing moment as a runner?
BR: Well, I’m a runner so I’ve over-estimated my abilities a few times and gotten myself stranded miles away from home. Yes, multiple times. It will probably happen again… soon.

WL: What has been your most embarrassing moment as a teacher or runner coach?
BR: I try and remember people’s names as best I can but have been wrong more often than not so I stick with “Bud” or “You-in-the-blue-shirt” now.

WL: What do you love about what you do?
BR: We all have this tremendous power inside ourselves but it’s so easy to forget about it. Running and yoga are an incredible way to tap into it and remind yourself that the world isn’t always as complicated as we make it.

WL: What challenges you about what you do?
BR: Every single person comes from a different background and has different goals for their fitness. It’s impossible to treat people as one-size-fits-all when it comes to running and their yoga practice. While that’s the most challenging, it’s truly what makes the process so much fun.