Be Your Own Support System After Wanderlust is Over

Wanderlust is magical. It’s a place where opportunity seeks you. Where classes speak to you, meditations shift you,…

Wanderlust is magical. It’s a place where opportunity seeks you. Where classes speak to you, meditations shift you, and the overall free flowing energy becomes you. Worldwide yoga teachers take to the stages and coax you into a deeper practice. Strangers from all over the country offer warm smiles and open hearts as everyone unites under the same sun. Adventure is everywhere and the idea of exploration rings loudly across the festival.

With so much potential, it can be hard to pull yourself away. We encounter the same thing in our daily lives, whether it be taking on an extra project at work, an extra shift, or just taking on more than we know is okay for us. Once this over abundance occurs, we’re suddenly caught up in being overwhelmed and becoming frantic. We set unrealistic standards for ourselves and then chastise ourselves for failing at the impossible.

From here there are two directions. 1) Realize what we have done and reiterate to ourselves that we probably shouldn’t do this again. 2) Freak out. Freaking out shows us that we have lost connection, we have suffered a power shortage between mind and soul. When you feel the energy shift in your body telling you that a freak out is near, try one of these methods to recreate the lost connection and turn on the lights.

  1. Connect to your breath. Incorporate dirga breathing. Start by inhaling one-third of a full breath, pause, then inhale another third, pause, and then inhale the last third, pause. Exhale in the same pattern, exhaling one third of the full exhale, pause, then exhale another third, pause, and the exhale the last third pause. Repeat for five breaths.
  2. Touch your thumb to your index finger, then your middle, ring, and lastly the pinky. Connect words to each finger so as you touch each to your thumb you’re mentally repeating a positive affirmation or phrase that best serves you in this moment. Examples of these can be: “The universe supports me.” “Peace lies within me.” “I fully support myself.” Repeat your phrase 5-10 times.

In a clear state of mind we’re able to safely choose the best decision we can make to nurture ourselves, whether it be to lay in the grass at the heart of Wanderlust for an hour instead of taking another class or taking on an extra work project that isn’t in our best interest.

We are our biggest support system and we are able to create an environment within ourselves that fully satisfies and nourishes are mind, body, and soul.

photo2Eva commits to a life united by love, sweat, and vibrancy. As she completes her Bachelor’s in Biology Eva endeavors to weave her knowledge of the human body into a connection to the mind and soul, as well as our planet. Eva aspires to be a full time writer, spreading the importance of positivity and connection to ourselves worldwide.