Ana Forrest: If You Don’t Look at Your Wounds, You Will Stay Toxic

Ana Forrest is well-known for making a warrior’s choice. As the founder of her own path of yoga…

Ana Forrest is well-known for making a warrior's choice. As the founder of her own path of yoga -- Forrest Yoga -- she guides students to find and cleanse the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit their lives. "Before you take any action, whether it's doing yoga or getting stoned or eating shitty food, you must ask the question, 'Will this brighten or dim my spirit?' And then make a warrior's choice to brighten your spirit." said Forrest in this Speakeasy from Wanderlust Stratton 2013. She goes on to invite you to ignite your spirit by:
  • praying to the sacred ones when you need their help (bonus: it includes words you don't normally associate with prayer)
  • explaining how she was brought out of a dark place by connecting with the animal world and letting that magic lift her spirit
  • looking for Beauty in moments of difficulty to connect to one's spirit
  • turning impulsive "trigger" moments into moments of transformation
"Part of learning to be a spirit-filled person means learning to be brave enough to assess...the depth of your wound. To honestly asses the wound. If you don't want to look at your wounds, you will stay toxic," Forrest said. "As you learn to heal the wounds, you will also access your spirit. So when you trigger, can you re-frame it into something you can learn from? Because triggers are clues and you can begin to track it and begin your journey of healing."