A Taste of Greater Palm Springs: Morgan’s Green Market Salad

Greater Palm Springs is an oasis in the desert. Featuring fresh ingredients and culinary masterpieces, you won’t want to miss dining in the area.

From Morgan’s Restaurant at the famed La Quinta Resort in Greater Palm Springs.


2 Yellow Baby Carrots
2 Orange Baby Carrots
2 Purple Baby Carrots
4 oz of Baby Frisee Salad
4 oz of Baby Arugula Salad 1 Fennel Bulb
10 Chioggia Beets
2 big Red Beets Cooked
1 peeled Lemon
2 oz of Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tsp of Salt
5 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To assemble:

  1. Cook 8 Chioggia beets in water with a bit of salt.
  2. After cooking; cool, peel and quarter them, and put them in a bowl.
  3. Cook the 2 big Red Beets in water till they are soft. Peel them and cut them in sixths.
  4. Blend 3 oz of the olive oil, the salt and the red wine vinegar. Blend until smooth
  5. Shave 2 Chioggia beets thin on a mandolin and put them on ice water.
  6. Shave the 3 kinds of baby carrots thin on a mandolin and put them in ice water.
  7. Cut the Fennel fronds of the Fennel bulb and save it for garnish.
  8. Shave the Fennel thin on the mandolin and put in ice water.
  9. Squeeze one lemon into a bowl and add the remaining Extra Virgin olive Oil, mix well together.
  10. Clean the arugula and frisee salad rinsing thoroughly.
  11. Put in a bowl and mix the 2 salads together.
  12. Divide the salad on 4 plates and garnish with the carrot and fennel shavings.
  13. Put some dots of the red beet puree around the salad.
  14. Garnish the salad also with 8 quarters of the cooked Chioggia beets
  15. Put a couple of the thin sliced Chioggia beets on top of the salad, and top with fennel fronds.
  16. Drizzle Lemon/Olive oil vinaigrette on and around the salad.