6 Xavier Rudd Lyrics to Ignite Your Soul

Add some magic to your morning with these beautiful lyrics from Xavier Rudd.

Xavier Rudd fills all the categories for a perfect musician: his songwriting is philanthropic and inspiring, his voice inspires both action and movement, and he’s constantly putting out new work. We especially love his lyrics and find them super beneficial during times of uncertainty, fear, or loss. Slip into Xavier’s beat and check out some of our favorite lines.

“When you feel life coming down on you,
Like a heavy weight
When you feel this crazy society,
Adding to the strain,
Take a stroll to the nearest waters,
And remember your place.
Many moons have risen and fallen long, long before you came.”

– Follow the Sun

“Come the winter, come the summer,
Come the autumn, come the spring do your thing.
Come the river, come the mountain,
Come the ocean, what smell will you bring?”

 – Come Let Go

“Your dreaming and your warrior spirit lives on and it is so so so strong.
In the earth in the trees in the rocks in the water,
In your blood and in the air we breath.

– Spirit Bird

“So speak out loud of the
Things you are proud,
And if you love this coast,
Keep it clean as it evolves.”

– Messages

“When our world keeps spinning round and round it goes,
Mother Nature keeps spreading its disease,
And our children keep growing up with,
What they know through what we teach and what they see,
And so only a question of the time we have,
And the lives that our children need,
As they can only keep growing up with,
What they know through what we teach and what they see.”

 – Better People

“So live up my friend,
Step back again,
For somethings will be given,
For some you’ll have to bend.
You’ll have to bend my friend,
To hold on to this,
For somethings will come easy,
And some will be a test,
You’ll have to bend.”

– The Letter