5 Ways to Live Your Yoga While Traveling

I love yoga like I love traveling. But mixing the two can become difficult. Carving out time to practice…

I love yoga like I love traveling. But mixing the two can become difficult. Carving out time to practice yoga in the midst of a work trip, vacation, or traveling adventure can be a real challenge.

While planning my travels, I convince myself of things like, “I will exercise on this trip” or “I will meditate and do yoga every day.” I  feel confident in setting these goals. Once I am actually traveling, though, I usually find it hard to make time for these things that I felt so passionate about before my departure.

There’s so many things I want to do while traveling: so many things and people to see, so much food to eat. I’m determined to visit with old friends, make new ones, discover the best places in town, all while continuing to keep up with work projects.

I let my goals slip away and end up feeling guilt about not maintaining things that are truly important to me, that in my every day life are manageable and accessible.

Despite the craziness of days spent traveling and away from home, there are moments that can be, and should be, set aside just for you. Moments that you can stop, take some deep breaths, practice some yoga, and reconnect with yourself. Make the time.

The tips below are for any length, destination, or purpose of travel.  to devote time and energy to yourself and your well-being.

1. Be prepared

Yes, your yoga clothes and mat will add to your luggage. Manduka makes a great travel mat that can be folded easily into your luggage. And if you have a full-sized mat, you can totally carry it on. It doesn’t count against your baggage total.

2. Set Goals + Make a Commitment

In order to reach goals, you must set them. Think realistically about your upcoming trip. When do you see yourself have a little extra time? What part of the day do you prefer to practice yoga? What are you currently working in your personal practice? Make a commitment to yourself that you will reach these goals. Be tenacious before you even leave home base.

3. Be Consistent

It’s helpful to remain consistent in your practice, both at home and while traveling. Choose a specific time of day to devote to yoga and meditation, or a certain number of days you’ll practice. Consistency helps us stay motivated.

4. Anything is Better than Nothing

We have to start somewhere! Reaching some of our goals is better than not reaching any, right? It may take a few trips to get the hang of having a consistent and strong practice while on the go. Do what you can and be proud of yourself!

5. Go Explore

Seek adventure on your travels and find special places that inspire you to do yoga. If you’re staying at a hotel, ask the receptionist if they hold yoga classes, check out the pool, balcony, or roof top. There are magical places where we oftentimes don’t expect them. Walk the streets of a new city, find local parks, and beautiful spaces. It’s easier to practice yoga in a place that you feel connected to. Get inspired.

Remember: you possess all the power you need to reach all your goals in life, big or small. Drive and motivation ignites from within and extends outward into the world. Take the time to become inspired and to expand your yoga and meditation practice into your travels and adventures.