5 Ways to Find Bliss in Austin, Texas

Most people come to visit Austin for the live music, food and yoga, but there is a whole…

Most people come to visit Austin for the live music, food and yoga, but there is a whole other part to this Texas city that is unknown to many. To get to most of these hidden gems there is a journey involved:

1. The Capitol of Texas

The Capitol of Texas is one of the most beautiful buildings in Austin. The grounds leading up to the capitol are vibrant and expansive, facing every cardinal direction. My favorite way of grounding there is going inside the building to sit in the middle of the dome. I am a strong believer in using what is available to achieve the most potent results. The massive dome acts as an amplifier for energy, which is perfect for sending out your intentions, prayers, and love. From the floor looking up, one can see a perfect spiral. Everything that exists in nature has some form of a spiral and it is the basis for all life.

2. Pedestrian Bridge by South Lamar

The pedestrian bridge overlooks Town Lake to the west and the city of Austin to the east. There are benches on the bridge to sit and watch the sun set across a big Texas sky. Austin has some of the most breathtaking sunsets and this is the perfect place to walk to and welcome the night sky.

3. Barton Springs

If you continue your walk down South Lamar and go right you will find one of the most special natural springs in the country, Barton Springs. Native Americans used to gather at this sacred spot to meditate and practice various rituals using the natural spring water for cleansing the mind, body, and soul. The water temperature is always a perfect 68 degrees which is a fantastic way to invigorate your body. There is plenty of lush green grass on both sides of the pool that provide a peaceful place for you to journal or just lay around and allow the sun to dance over you.

4. Town Lake Trail

Town Lake Trail is a wonderful walking, running and biking trail that sits alongside. The trail provides 10 miles of paths around the downtown area. If you are needing grounding or to release energy, put on some chill jams and cruise around this serene tree lined path. There are numerous places along the way to stop and reflect or to look at the water and find the expansiveness within yourself.

5. Red Bud Isle

Red Bud is a dog park by day and my most favorite spot to moon gaze by night. Walking around Red Bud at night under the moonlight is a magical experience. You feel as if you are far outside of the city, yet it is just a quick five minute drive from downtown. The short peninsula comes to an end at a V that mirrors back into the water, which embodies “as above so below” spiritual symmetry. Holding the point together is a massive tree with exposed roots to sit on and meditate. The energy there is so grounding and you leave feeling clear and ready to actualize your dreams.

DSC_6875-2Elizabeth Davis has a unique style of teaching incorporating vinyasa, breath work, visualization, and energetics into her class. She has completed 200 RYT and has been teaching since 2009. Elizabeth focuses on using vinyasa as a moving mediation and a tool to embody the divine. She teaches at SAY OM Yoga, Yoga Vida, and Dharma Yoga in Austin, TX. In addition to yoga, Elizabeth is a healer, sex coach, and writer. Connect with Elizabeth on her website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.