Five Completely Fulfilling Wanderlust Truths

Look, it’s hard not to feel insightful and unusually wise when you spend your entire day surrounded by…

Look, it’s hard not to feel insightful and unusually wise when you spend your entire day surrounded by big name yoga teachers, motivational speakers and dedicated meditation practitioners. I mean, they came here to teach and we came here to learn.

We’ve learned how to expand our yoga practices, how to create fulfilling lives and dissipate fear, and how shutting down our minds for half an hour can be the kindest thing we do for ourselves all day. After a few days of feeling empowered thanks to those who are so willing to share their knowledge and practices, I’ve realized that there are five things that I undeniably know to be true.

  1. The present moment is the moment. It’s time we stopped messing around and procrastinating consciousness. What’s even more awesome than the present moment is the fact that we get to change whether we are awake to it or not right now. No excuses or bargaining. Are you in or are you in!?
  2. Manifestation is the real deal. Instead of thinking about what projects lie ahead of you on your commute to work, or what to cook for dinner on your drive home, create. Manifest what it is you desire from life. Imagine what it would be like to be the boss of your own company, to write your first book, to start a yoga practice, etc. Picture yourself in the scenario of your dreams and feel what it feels like to be there. Remember that you are manifesting your dreams and more, always leave room for life to give you extra gifts.
  3. Meditation saves lives. It’s also really good for the aging process. Quiet your mind for at least ten minutes a day and take a few moments after your meditation to be aware of how restored you feel. Clear minds make for focused intentions, and intentions are the seeds of our manifestations.
  4. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Reading the words you are meant to be reading. The space you are in is there for a reason as well as the people and places. There is always something to be learned, and even on special occasions something to be taught. Allow yourself to be okay with your present surroundings so that you can fully understand the importance of its presence.
  5. This too shall pass. Moments come and go and the emotions that arise from particular situations are not meant to stay with us for eternity. Just because somebody stole your cookie in second grade doesn’t mean you have to hold resentment towards them for the rest of your life. Let it go. The same goes for good emotions. We can experience ecstasy in this particular moment and it can be completely freeing and awesome in every way, but this too shall pass. There is bound to be a moment down the road that creates another type of emotion. Allow this knowledge to awaken you to the idea that each moment is special in its own way and to reiterate the importance of staying present to your life.

There’s a reason why all of these statements tie together perfectly into an intricate web of awareness. Dedicating yourself to one also pulls you into another and another and soon you realize that it’s a way of life. It’s a choice, we can continue stampeding to the finish line all while placing negative, useless emotions on our backs and then complaining about how heavy we feel or we can choose to release everything that no longer serves us and create our own paths. Paths that will lead us through our manifestations and into our dreams, showering us in happiness, love and abundance of everything we so wish. The choice is ours and we get to make it every moment of every day, which path do you choose?

photo2Eva commits to a life united by love, sweat, and vibrancy. As she completes her Bachelor’s in Biology Eva endeavors to weave her knowledge of the human body into a connection to the mind and soul, as well as our planet. Eva aspires to be a full time writer, spreading the importance of positivity and connection to ourselves worldwide.