5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make It All Better

Live Graciously If we share the mindset that all life revolves in a cycle, our actions cause reactions,…

Live Graciously

If we share the mindset that all life revolves in a cycle, our actions cause reactions, and we get what we give in life, then we can agree on the importance of gratitude. It’s your opportunity to support the good in the world. We have one life: one chance to make our visit on this earth meaningful. Be thankful for where you are in every moment.

In action: Pick up a rock from outside, take a sharpie and write “gratitude” on one side. Leave it somewhere you often find yourself. Mine is on my key holder by my front door. As I leave and enter my home, I am reminded to live with gratitude. For my life, that day, that moment, and all those around me.

Live in the Moment

Realize that this moment, right this very moment that you’re reading this is in fact the most important moment of your life. Think about it; the past has already happened and the future has not come yet, so there’s no telling what could happen. The future is simply a series of nows.
In action: Stop reading. Close your eyes. Breathe.

Every now and then, escape reality.

Life is tough; it’s busy and crazy and we all need a break. We all have different ways to let go of stress and just chill out. Make it part of your daily regimen to spend some time getting out of your head. Practice using your imagination. Ask yourself, “Would my 5 year old self be proud of me?”. Allow fun to whirl through your life everyday. Day dream, go outside and play, be silly, learn to let go.
In action: Set aside time to day dream. Just a few minutes every day dedicated to allowing your mind to settle and drift off.

Love your Job

How many times have you heard that? Really though, love your job. It’s an activity you most likely partake in daily, for years, lots and lots of years. If you don’t wake up with excitement to go to work, it’s not the right job. So find a new one! Discover the job that makes you want to work. Something that gives your life purpose, something that fuels your soul.
In action: Brainstorm and jot down 5 jobs you would LOVE to do. Then pick one and go do it.

Catch the Travel Bug

Traveling is always an adventure. Adventure is something we all need more of. It keeps us young, full of wonderment, educated, cultured, and present. Explore new places. Pick up and go. Take a vacation. Get away. Even if it’s only for a short time, allow life to be serendipitous. Travel with no expectations, no plans and no agenda. Be free.
In action: Just go.