3 Apple Recipes for a Healthy Sweet Tooth

Celebrate your sweet tooth with these three apple-inspired recipes.

Food is life power, our ultimate source for vitality, and the fuel we need and use everyday. Our daily food intake should be brimming with healthy nutrients and vitamins that help us feel good.
That being said, preparing your food can—and should—be a process you enjoy. Approaching the food you eat with an attitude of mindfulness can help make mealtime fun. To get you started, we’re here to share some simple recipes to fill your mind and body with all sorts of goodness.
Whether you’re cooking for your lover, co-workers, kids, or enjoying a meal by yourself, take some time out of your day to prepare fresh meals and snacks to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

​Sweet Orange Quinoa Salad​

Who says you can’t have sweetness and salad at the same time? If you’re a health nut with a sweet tooth, this is the salad for you. Try implementing this dish for brunch with friends, or add it into your lunchtime routine, and don’t hesitate to get creative and add extra veggies and seasonings of your liking. This Sweet Orange Salad is light enough to keep from weighing you down, but is full of the type of nutrients that inspire longterm satiation. Keep on moving!

Serving Size: 1


3 cups of ​fresh ​mixed greens
Chopped ​veggies of your choice (We’ve chosen jicama, peppers, shredded carrots, and broccoli)
1 cup of cooked quinoa
Garnish of orange slice and sliced avocado

1/3 cup North Coast organic apple cider vinegar
​3 tbsp of orange juice​
1/2 cup light olive oil
​1/4 chopped cilantro​
1/2 tsp agave
Orange zest
Dash of salt and pepper


​Mix all dressing ingredients in a bowl and whisk together. Place in the refrigerator while the quinoa cooks.
​Add quinoa and water to small saucepan and bring to boil. Simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes. You want the water to b​e absorbed completely. Remove from stove and cover. Let your quinoa steam for 5-7 minutes. Fluff and chill before serving.

Combine greens and veggies in large bowl. ​Add a heap of quinoa and drizzle with vinaigrette​ and add orange zest​. Garnish with​ slice of​ orange and ​avocado​. Salt and pepper to taste.​ Chill and enjoy.

 Power Balls

Life is busy and our schedules can fill up before we even have time to eat. Power balls are the perfect on-the-go snack and are loaded with energy for in-between meal snacks. Store in your refrigerator of up to one week. These are also perfect for sharing with friends. Spread the love!

Serving Size:  

2 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup old fashioned oats
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
2 tbsp honey
Dash of vanilla extract

​Add all ingredients to bowl and mix together. ​Chill for 30 minutes. Take out of refrigerator and roll into small 1″ balls. Rock and roll!

Sunrise Smoothie

Rise and shine and start your day off with a bang! Whip up a morning Sunrise Smoothie before you head off to work or drop the kids off at school. It’s a quick way to give you the boost you need early in the day. The apple juice overflows with nutrients and vitamins while the spinach and nut butter provides protein and a vital source of energy. Did you know that apple juice has 10 different vitamins in each serving? Talk about beginning the day off right!

Serving Size: ​1


1 cup of North Coast organic apple juice
1 cup of frozen mixed berries
1 handful of spinach
1 tsp of local honey
2 tbsp of almond butter or nut butter of your choice ​
1/2 cup of your favorite plain yogurt, optional
Sprinkle of unsweetened, shredded coconut


Add all ingredients to blender, beginning with liquid and moving to solid. ​Blend and pour into a glass. Top with shredded coconut, if desired.