2016 Intentions From Wanderlust Staff

Resolutions can be stifling. Set a #TrueNorthIntention instead. Here’s what we’re planning.

By definition, resolutions are firm decisions to do or not to do something. We live in a world that is constantly changing, wherein the only permanent guarantee is impermanence. As such, resolutions can be stifling, and lead to disappointment and regret. This year, trade in your resolutions for intentions.

Intentions are aims or plans—and plans, as we all know, can change. As you reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one, be gentle with yourself. Make goals and plans to be better, do good, and reflect the light within, and allow yourself the flexibility of change. Below you’ll see what some Wanderlust staffers are planning, and see some images of #TrueNorthIntention cards filled out. Let us know your plans by sharing them using #TrueNorthIntention. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and mindful 2016!

My 2016 intention is to be true to myself in all aspects of life. To meet fear with love, hate with kindness, and confusion with faith.
—Danny Goldstein, Social Media Manager

My 2016 intention is to live more intuitively, and to dress better.
—Dan Wilf, VP of Integrated Partnerships / CEO of YOGANONYMOUS


In 2016 it’s my intention to deepen my practice and spend more time appreciating my friends and family.
—Jill Pierson, Director of Human Resources

My 2016 Intention is to focus my energy on childlike curiosity, endless exploration, collective creation and graceful evolution: to become intimate with questions while abandoning attachment to answers.
—Jacky Bereznyak, Integrated Partnerships

My 2016 intention is… to get outside! With my upcoming move to LA, which will also be my first experience living on the west coast, my boyfriend Todd and I are very excited to camp, hike, swim, paddle, explore, climb, road trip… anything that involves nature!
—Jess Roach, Community Director

My 2016 intention is to live truthfully and honestly, to reject the shadows of self-doubt and secrets, and to wholly step into the sunshine—both figuratively and literally.
—Lisette Cheresson, Managing Editor

My 2016 intention is to trust in myself, my choices, and my path; to adjust my mindset and accept that everything happens for a reason and I am exactly where I should be.
—Dawne Stanley, WL Hollywood Navigator


My 2016 intention is to focus more on being than doing. To live more simply. To let my my heart and my breath be the guides in every moment.
—Melissa Masser, Guest Experience Coordinator

My 2016 Intention is to take care of myself, to heal my heart, to be happy, to move on, to fully love myself, as I am now, not as I could be (finally), and to practice yoga on the reg (for real this time).
—Caitlin Berens, Editor

My 2016 intention is to stop apologizing for myself. I tend to throw “sorry” around like confetti, so I’m working on being more aware of my words and tuning in to why I feel the need to apologize. In 2016 I will defer to honest instead of agreeable.
—Gretchen Holzapfel, Lead Navigator

My 2016 intention is to commit to outings/events/etc. out of my comfort zone to explore every corner of myself/the city.
—Denise Meikle, Marketing Associate

My 2016 intention is to be more present in each moment and to read more of what I love.
—Diana Gerstacker, Social Media Editor

My 2016 intention is to be more open—to people, to opportunities, to growth.
—Grace Edquist, Editor


I’m no great fan of New Year’s resolutions. Such specificity leaves no space for wiggling, no room for the inevitability of change. I have learned to pick words instead, ideas that I hope will embody the year ahead, to give a little structure and discipline to the grand and chaotic forces of the universe. In 2015 the words I chose were stability and abundance. As I look forward to 2016, I am excited to manifest love and ease in all of their forms.
—Jessica Kulick, Office Manager & Writer

My intention for 2016 is to open up and relax into the flow of life.  I am learning to watch life unfold and welcome the unexpected twists and turns.  No need to try and grip and control when most of it is so out of my own control.  Just breath, Slow Down, and Let Life Flow!
—Joan Hyman, Wanderlust Hollywood Teacher & Festival Presenter

My intention for 2016 is to stop taking things personally and realize that things are usually beyond me.
—Sara Fruman, Editor

My 2016 Intention is to embrace change and the challenges that I am presented with and then turn those challenges into a learned experience that is productive and beneficial for my future.
—Courtney Smith, Private Events Director / Food & Beverage Director

My intention for 2016 is to continue practicing being fully present, and to be in the moment at all times.
—Devon Craig, Digital Account Manager


My 2016 intention is is to slow down and enjoy it.
—Michaela Best, Account Manager

My 2016 intention is to be of service.
—Isabelle Abergel, Director of Yoga Programming, Technical Communications

My 2016 intention is to re-discover my love for the practice of yoga and develop more discipline around my practice so I can really delve deeper into the layers beyond asana. I also intend to travel to countries I haven’t been to before and explore those new places and cultures with my wife.
—Nico Grae, Buyer + Retail Manager, Wanderlust Hollywood

My 2016 Intention is to rest comfortably in the ebb and flow of life.
—Jake Laub, Interim Editor-in-Chief

My intention for 2016 is to look at my cell phone less and look up more.
—Emily Hacker, Event Programming Manager

What’s your 2016 intention? Share it with us by tagging @wanderlustfest and #TrueNorthIntention. Let’s make this our best year yet!