10 Things Everyone Should Have on Their Soul’s Bucket List

Your soul seeks adventure—listen to it!

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That dragon smoking a doobie tattoo on your right hipbone, the nipple-to-nipple chain piercing, or how about those beaded cornrows you use to rock? Well, they all seemed like a great idea at the time, right? Here are some not-so-permanent, potentially less embarrassing things that every soul searcher should have on their bucket list. How many have you ticked off?

1. Connection

Spiritually, emotionally, and physically connect with someone. Should you still be in search of a soul mate, then experiencing an AcroYoga class with a partner or friend can be a life-changing connection experience. Not just because you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, and trust each other, but also because you will experience a new level of connection with someone. You’ll gain some soulful wins with at most a bumps and bruises (hopefully)! Worst case scenario you smile at your AcroYoga buddy with a tooth missing. One day it will be a funny, I promise. The goal is to not connect with the floor!

2. Cleanse

Cleansing yourself, be it through detox, healing, or (my personal favorite) salt water, is a must in a lifetime. Think of it like taking an energy shower. Surfing is something nearly everyone says “I’ve always wanted to try that!” So I tell you: try it! Hire a board, book in a surf lesson, or go out with friends who are willing to take you under their wing. Again, you will feel liberated, petrified, liberated again, and find that the sea, salt, and sun will give you a burst of clarity that every soul searcher should experience at least once in their life time. And don’t worry about all that salt water you might chug while trying to hang ten, it will drip out of your nose eventually. I’m sure it is all part of the cleansing process.

3. Countries

Spin the globe, draw a country out of a hat, book that trip you have always wanted to take since little you learned the pronunciation of the country. Start your adventure penny-saver jar today. The only thing holding you back from experiencing that place your soul has longed for and has been telling you to visit for years is you—and your excuses. Go find your wanderlust! Be it a yoga retreat, a festival, a gig, or a simple soul wish list destination, go. It really is that simple. Please excuse my frustrated tone, but seriously, go!

woman holding antique globe in front of face
Photo by Slava Bowman

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4. Create

Go to an art class, write, blog, design, sing, and build—whatever speaks to your soul, create it. The art of creation is one of the most powerful energies you can experience. Whether it be as big as creating a new life, thinking of a new way to merge yoga styles, starting that book you have always wanted to write, the key is to simply start. Need inspiration? Surround yourself with other creatives, do a creative energy Kundalini meditation, or create a vision board of things that inspire you. Choose to invite creativity into your life.

5. Clean Up

Everybody that vacates on this lovely home we call earth needs to dedicate to helping to keep it spic and span! Sign up for a beach or earth cleanup and get involved with picking up as many plastics as your little mitts can muster. If we can all try to leave the world a cleaner, healthier, happier place, you will be contributing to a home with much better energy for everyone involved. Seriously, we take so much from earth, when was the last time you gave something back? Plant a tree, recycle more, use eco products, buy locally, and lead a cleanup. Eco warriors have never been more sexy…hey, maybe you’ll connect with your soul mate? Eco-wink!

6. Camp

Get your feet dirty and dig your heels into mother earth. Whatever speaks to your soul: hiking, camping, or even gardening! Every soul searcher needs to experience that unspeakable connection and alignment that happens when we return to our roots. If you have not experienced grounding, then I suggest you dust off those old tramping boots and get your behind ready for some green leaf action. Roll your sleeves up and get amongst nature. Small warning: Insects and animals will be your companions. You’ve been warned!

7. Compass

What direction are you heading in life? When people think about you what three words do you want them to remember you by? What will be your legacy? Your soul’s compass is something that few people take time to experience in life, and if you don’t take time to set your direction you effectively will never reach any destination in life. So, take a moment to think about your direction, what ethics do you live by, who do you admire, what do you seek to achieve, how do you want to be of impact? Then, set your compass in that direction. Boom, you are now heading somewhere, anywhere. And hey, anywhere is better than nowhere.

8. Communicate

One of the most powerful things you can impart on someone is wisdom. Be it the smallest of lessons to the most mind-blowingly awesome aha moment—you can be the catalyst for thought. Think about that. So how do you communicate with those who cross your path? Do you teach, inspire, and add to others’ days or lives? Communication is powerful, be it a simple compliment or an encouragement. Dang, your soul is bang’n! ….See? Powerful! You are welcome, now pass it on.

9. Completion

This is a biggie. Do you finish off the things you start in life? If you are not sure let me bring your attention to recurring lessons. If you do not learn, grow, and understand the first time around, life has a funny way of repeating lessons until you get them. Are you in a cycle of destructive relationships? Can’t understand why the same people always come into your life? Why does this always happen to me? Erm, newsflash! Learn from them the first time around and complete the class! You are essentially repeating classes at life school. I would hate for you to reach your final days and realize you never graduated. So sit up straight and pay attention to the lessons in your life. You have been schooled.

10. Community

Be part of it! Introduce yourself to your neighbors, remember your local barista’s name. Even better: take in your neighbor’s trash can and ask your barista how their day is. Sounds a bit Captain Obvious that I am telling you this, but give a s*** about the people around you. Invite them into your life, your journey, and ask about theirs. It could change your life.

Emma MildonEmma-mildon, also known as the Spiritual Personal Assistant, is an author, columnist, speaker and spiritualist. Her online spiritual hub and app hosts resources to fuel Soul Searching, offering books, beats, videos and products to help you on your spiritual journey. Her book, The Soul Searchers Handbook, is available now. Also find her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram