Find Your True North


Emily-Clare Hill an experienced international yoga Instructor, currently based in London. Yoga is Emily’s passion she believes fully in all its qualities and lesson’s, incorporating yoga into every aspect of life. First aligning with the practice she journeyed with her teacher Vidya Heisel following her guidance in vinyasa flow with routes in forest, Iyengar and a deep love of India and its philosophy.  Since then studying many practices and developmental aspects of yoga such as anatomy and myo-fascia release, training with Tiffany Cruikshank, Elena Brower and Jambo Truong.

Emily talks about her belief in balance and experience as two of her favourite words to live by, enjoying travel, meeting and becoming part of new communities and cultures, this is how she learns most about this world, and shares this through her classes.

The greatest aspects of a teacher are devotion, humility, compassion and service, Emily aims to always connect with all three. There are many different branches of yoga, all relevant and valuable and at the end of the day, all-reaching for the same source, with Emily you can always expect the unexpected she will never guide your through a standard sequence or dogmatic practice the practice will elevate you in ways more than you even know.

Emily will be sharing a Speakeasy called  “Bringing the Art of Yoga into your Everyday” in The Uncommons..