Find Your True North
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Rock Your Bliss

Mary Beth LaRue & Jacki Carr

Join the Co-Founders of Rock Your Bliss, Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr, for a day-long immersion of radical life design, sweaty yet soulful yoga practices, and authentic conversations and connections within community.

We will start the day with meditation and journaling—getting centered here and now. We will then move into conversations—grounding into our values and talking embodiment. We’ll get clear on how we are currently showing up and how we want to. From this wholehearted conversation, we will move our bodies in a soulful creative yoga flow, bringing our intentions to movement on our mats.

After lunch, we’ll grab a tea and circle up, creating a space to explore our bliss through what we want and speak aloud our goals. We believe in showing our underbelly as a way to stretch beyond our comfort zones, let’s do it together. Meet on the mat for another soulful and sweaty flow—when we talk action, we are talking effort. Let’s feel the sweat so we know what it feels like to get up to our biggest life. Then comes the final conversation on trusting our vision we have for the world and declaring our commitments that we will take with us from this bliss immersion. End in meditation, connection and sweet bliss.

We get one chance to live our lives so let’s design one that is full to the brim with intentionality, purpose and bliss. This is where intention meets action.

  • Morning practice: Meditation, Journaling, Conversation, and Yoga Flow
  • Lunch break (food sold separately)
  • Afternoon practice: Conversation, Sweaty Yoga Flow, and Closing Meditation


What You’ll Walk Away With:

  • A clear list and deep alignment to your Soul Values.
  • Newfound rituals to support our embodied and best selves in 2019.
  • Perhaps a tear stained face, the good tears, sore abs from belly laughter and a tiny vulnerability hangover—the best kind.
  • A creative yoga flow to beats to integrate our big work from the mind into the body.
  • Goals to make new friends? Done. You will leave connected to a community willing to go deeper

About Your Guides

Mary Beth LaRue

In an elevator I'd say, I'm a yoga teacher, coacher and writer, as well as the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. My friends would say I am big-hearted and have a tendency to repeat my jokes if you didn't laugh the first time. I’m a lover of the ocean, chai tea and hip hop. And really, I’m an Iowa girl living in Los Angeles with my husband and our lovable English bulldog Rosy. I'm living the life I used to have pinned to my vision board but it wasn't just wishing and dreaming that got me here. You gotta put…
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Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer, motivational speaker and mama. As a leader in transformation, her coaching style includes real + honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self, preferably while hiking a mountain in flannel. She is a Lightyear Leadership faculty member, has her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification and Yin Yoga Training. She believes in a World where we all truly belong and each and every one of us has unique gifts to contribute. You can find Jacki in Evergreen, Colorado drinking another bulletproof coffee on her front porch with her husband, Chris, two…
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