Find Your True North

Pelvic Stability and the Fluid Psoas 

Annie Carpenter

Join Annie for a deep dive into your healthy center. Finding just the right mix of strength and flexibility, release and stability, creates the conditions for healthy posture, depth in Asana, and joyous movement.

The day will begin with a classic SmartFLOW 2-hour practice, followed by an afternoon of functional-anatomy informed release work, highlighting the Iliopsoas system, the lateral sheath and diaphragm. Within the sessions, two shorter Asana sequences will be practiced: one with balanced increasing ROM (range of motion), and the other a quiet, deep intra-pelvic stability practice. Make no mistake: we need both of them. Modifications and hands-on assists round out the day.

You will come away from this immersion with an increased ability to discern imbalances and instabilities in your and your students’ practices.

  • Morning practice: SmartFLOW
  • Lunch break (food sold separately)
  • Afternoon practice: Functional-anatomy informed release
  • Modifications and Hands-on Assists

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Annie Carpenter

Known as a “teachers’ teacher,” Annie is the creator of SmartFLOW Yoga, an intelligent marriage of mindful movement with compassionate, wakeful alignment. Based in northern California, Annie creates practices that are at once advanced and challenging, yet safe and playful. Practicing yoga since the 70s, Annie continues to be a dedicated student geek of anatomy, evolutionary movement, meditation, and classical philosophy. Annie is the author of RelaxDEEPLY, a CD of restorative yoga, and Yoga for Total Back Care, a DVD produced by Yoga Journal, and several SmartFLOW manuals. She contributes regularly to Yoga Journal. An influential Teacher Trainer since 2003, Annie…
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