How do you Flow?

Ever been so invested in a task that you completely lost track of time? Welcome to the Flow State. This powerful state of mind is no joke—it’s a peak state of performance that occurs when we’re “in the zone”, or carrying out tasks with energy, focus, and passion. For some, this means yoga, or editing photographs. For others, it’s as simple as washing the dishes.

Flow Water and Wanderlust have teamed up to explore this exciting state of mind. The Flow and Wanderlust partnership works to encourage people of all demographics to discover their flow states. Ask yourself: What lights you on fire? When are you able to silence the chaos in your mind?

We’re here to help you discover these moments. Join the Flow and Wanderlust community to discover your own personal Flow State.

Letting Go to Clear the Mind and Ignite the Flow State

The flow state allows us to really feel our emotions. Rather than try to hide or suppress your feelings, take a moment for yourself, whether that simply means a run or quick stretch. Drop into those feelings and let them go. A clear head ignites the flow state. Featuring yoga teacher Briohny Smyth.

How Mindful Movement Creates Harmony

Meditative movement is the art of bringing mindfulness into your everyday. Find simple moments where you can look to the breath, whether it be on your mat, out with friends, or in nature. Yoga artist and podcaster Andrew Sealy shares his method for finding the flow state.

Using Love to Find Your Flow State

What helps you find your flow state? For some, simply expressing love and gratitude is the perfect way to drop into the present moment.  Featuring wellness influencer, entrepreneur, and mama Sophie Jaffe.

Using Meditation to Renew Every Day

Renewal can happen at any moment. If you need an hour for yourself, don’t be afraid to take it. Yoga teacher Caley Joyner shows us how she renews the mind and body through shoreside meditation.

Why Yoga Helps to Refresh and Reset

Every now and then we need a moment to refresh—a moment to wipe the slate clean, rinse off the negative energy, and create a new beginning. Speaker and author Julian Brass shares how he uses yoga to tap into the flow state, press the reset button, and reconnect with his truest self.