Health "Secret" Everyone Should Know


I think if we were all better rested so many other things in our life would be positively impacted. Yet with so much stimuli and our busy lives running the show, proper sleep seems to be something we have to consciously choose if we want to feel and see the difference. One good night of sleep doesn’t make up for a week of no sleep. It’s the cumulative impact of being well rested that provides the biggest results physically, mentally and emotionally.

When we are overtired, especially too many days in a row, everything else can start to fall out of place. It’s like a domino effect. Too tired equals a body and mind that doesn’t adapt to stress as well, hence more stress overall. We may lose touch with our real needs or real nourishment because we just ‘need to get through’ the day. This can lead to bad food choices, too much caffeine or sugar, foggy brain, irritability, worry, anxiety, overwhelm…to name a few. And of course if any of this is going on often enough, our relationships, how we feel about ourselves, and how we perceive the world will be impacted.

Healthy rest and sleep is vital to self-care and will ripple into other layers of your life. You will feel more clear and motivated to make better choices, take better care of yourself, plus you will see some beauty benefits in your eyes and skin too.