Voyager Program Mentors & Assistants

Our Mentors are senior teachers trained by Wanderlust to lead our 200-hour Voyager program. They will be your guides from start to finish. Our Assistants support the Mentors and are responsible for co-leading portions of the training.


Alex Auder

Andrea Marcum

Ashleigh Sargent

Carolyn Ann Budgell
Danielle Mika

David Vendetii

Erin Dudley

Gioconda Parker
Jason Bowman

Jill Campbell

Jillian Turecki
Kate Baldwin

Kate Waitzkin
Kerri Kelly
Kevin Courtney

Libba Harmon

Megan McCraken
Nikki Vilella
Ryan Leier
Sara Ivanhoe
Schuyler Grant


Amy Matthews

Nina Beatty

Cailey Halloran

Colette Hill

Lily Barels

Rolf Sovic

Sofiah Thom