Tres Agaves Tequila & Organic Mixers

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Tres Agaves: Strive for Simpler

Tres Agaves believes the key to better Tequila and Tequila cocktails is to choose quality every time and to make it easy on yourself, when you need to. With award-winning, estate grown 100% de Agave Tequila and USDA Certified Organic cocktail mixes, Tres Agaves wants you to enjoy great Tequila and Tequila cocktails without complication.

Tres Agaves offers Blanco (unaged), Reposado (aged for 9 months in KY and TN bourbon barrels), and Añejo (aged for 18 months in KY and TN bourbon barrels) Tequilas.

Tres Agaves also offers Organic non-alcoholic Lime Margarita Mix, Strawberry Margarita Mix, Bloody Mary Mix, and Cocktail-Ready Agave Nectar.

Tres Agaves is a proud sponsor of Wanderlust Festivals and hopes you will enjoy great tasting Tres Agaves cocktails at Wanderlust and the other place you call home.

Tres Agaves can be found at premium restaurants/bars, fine wine & spirits shops, and your local upscale grocery stores, including Whole Foods.