Fierce Forward

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Fierce Forward is something that is individual to each of us.

The inspiration to Fierce Forward came to me when I first began my fitness journey. I was a cardio queen and started to get the call to lift weights. I would look down the weight room and see women lifting heavy weights and I was inspired by them. One day, I started walking to the weight area, my plan to begin lifting that day. I got to the line that separated the cardio room from the weight room and I stopped. I started fearing. Fearing what people would think if I wasn’t good at it, how I would feel if I sucked and if I could even do this. In that moment, I decided that instead of letting fear paralyze me, I was going to find a way to get across that line and how I would do it is get on the treadmill, get a runner’s high going and gather the courage to cross that line into what I wanted. I started running and as I started connecting to my mind and what was holding me back, I thought to myself, all you have to do, Ash, is put a fierce face on and take one step forward. And then it clicked like a key in a lock, Fierce Forward. That day, I used this mantra to step foot across the line and begin lifting weights. And since then, I’ve used this mantra as a way to live my life: to move through fear instead of letting it paralyze me, to find the courage to take one step forward to what I want instead of sleep walking through my life, to follow my heart and create my own rules instead of following the path of least resistance, to create my mindset to support my fiercest vision of myself and my life.

Fierce Forward is a mantra, an attitude, an adjective and a way of life. It embodies personal growth & development, moving forward, learning and becoming stronger from your challenges, being true to yourself, creating your vision and living by it, going your own way, believing fiercely in yourself and living like anything is possible, because it is.