Passion Never Leaves Us – So Where Does It Go?

Our true north – the sonar calling to our deeper impulses – is an orientation to freedom. An…

Our true north – the sonar calling to our deeper impulses – is an orientation to freedom. An expression of passion. It’s being in our power – agile, compassionate, quick-witted; able to transform incoming ‘data’ into aligned action. It’s about clarity, presence and enjoying an uplifted spirit. It’s not about what we’re not doing.

Passion can only be expressed …when it is being expressed. A simple observation, perhaps; though not without its challenges. Because most of us – at some point – drift into noticing what we are not doing rather than what we are. And our soul does not like to spend time dragging in the lower vibrational groove of what we consciously if silently, know is of little value.

Passion, like all energies, will flow towards what it is attracted to. So, if we are not willing to ‘be’ our passion, it will find its direction towards others who are being, in perhaps subtle or unseen ways, what we discreetly, or desperately, want within. As like attracts like, our disowned passion gains empowerment through the experience of others, taking our focus with it – bypassing our core presence. To numb our underlying dis-ease, we may resist further still: caught in a cycle of diverting or dismissing our innate life-force – rather than expressing it through our voice, our movements, our being. And so, we allow it to remain hidden – outside of us. Disconnected.

Passion though is persistent. And for this, we must be thankful; despite the discomfort, it may cause. ‘It’ knows its true north: that we are the only true and valid expression of its being; the home it must flow through …the reason for its presence in its unique form. What we don’t allow through us, cannot be. Our passion knows this, and so, it will keep knocking, quietly, at the door of our soul. Our job is to let it in.

There are some key aspects to allowing our passion to flow; awarenesses which invite greater harmony and can transform our experience of our-self – especially in times of change or challenge. Ask your passion which of the following ‘it’ resonates with, and allow the connection to happen. You may be surprised at what wishes to come through.

  • Think of your passion as an energy that is always there: it always has been, and always will be. Connect with it as an embodied feeling, rather than an outcome. If you are not quite ready to let your passion in – honour this. See it, recognise it …and go at your – and its’ – slowest pace. There is a lot to be gained from deeper ease into alignment.
  • Notice you have a volume button. Become agile with it. You can turn down your passion-energy, and you can turn it up. You can expand it into multiple avenues, or keep it as a gentle hum. This is your power to use as it feels best for you.
  • Protection is key. Energy management, grounded presence and simplicity help the energy of passion integrate into the psyche and the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The protection is not to keep the world out, but to allow our energies to be – and to be expressed. When we are grounded and whole energetically, we align to our true vibration; we love unconditionally …and this love fuels the energy of passion.
  • See your passion as neutral, able to express itself in many forms. Include others. Resist the temptation to box, or label it. Feel it. As we expand its presence in one area of our life, it has the opportunity to merge into other areas – to make new connections. Allow it to lead you – it’s the avoidance which creates disharmony.
  • Trust your passion. Its intention is calming, balancing and wholesome. True passion is never driven by fear or denial. It is orientated to freedom, and to what works for you; and when in alignment with the soul, encourages and supports our sense of belonging. Discover its gentleness and listen to its ongoing and ever-expanding wishes for you.
  • As we develop ease of relationship with it, we see our creativity emerge in new and perhaps surprising ways – no matter our age or perceived circumstances. In the chaos it can flourish as much as in moments of calm. In solitude, or with others. In pain, or in pleasure – it is always there.

When we allow our passion to flow, we align with the forces of the universe – the vast and the minute, the possible…and the here and now. We become our true vibration.




Delilah Sullivan – Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Energy Healer – is passionate about life, connection and beauty. A diverse background, Delilah shares gems of knowledge: about personal energy management, creativity, cultivating grounded presence, life experiences and our connection to each other, nature and the emerging ‘bigger picture’.

Channeler of the popular ‘Downloads from Spirit’ podcast and Private Consultant, she supports her clients to align their projects, land and energetic blueprints, opportunities and desires, sharing unique insight and awareness. Find her in nature or the city – for fascinating perspectives and conversations. Follow her on Instagram and her website.