It Starts With You: We Need A Happy Mom To Have A Happy Family

Ready to find Your Mama Groove?

Sometimes it seems there is a rule book in motherhood that we must follow or else. But, trust me, that is just not the case. There is no single way to be a mother, because no two families are exactly alike. Furthermore, even your own family isn’t the same today as it was last year, last month, or even yesterday for that matter. Families are constantly changing, and therefore your mothering abilities must keep adapting too. It takes patience, commitment to personal development, and perseverance to find your own Mama Groove. And the truth is, even after you find your Mama Groove, problems will still arise for you and the ones you love. It is important to remind yourself that problems are part of the process, part of a bigger puzzle, and not your fault… so do your best to let the “mom guilt” go and enjoy the journey you are on.

A mom who has found her Mama Groove…

She looks into the mirror and says out loud for all to hear, “I am beautiful”. She drops her bags in the middle of a department store and dances her heart out to the song playing over the loudspeaker. She eats blueberry pie on a regular basis without guilt because “it’s full of fruit”. She loves cuddling up for a family night in just as much as she enjoys getting dressed up for a date night out. She makes time to slow dance with her partner in the kitchen. She makes time for bubble baths by herself. When she plays a game, she is all in, and determined to win. When she loves, she loves with her whole heart. She makes each one of her children feel like the most special one. She works hard. She lives a life of purpose. She has fun. She can’t fathom complaining because gratitude fills her bones. She is honest. She is kind. She is curious about life, both her own and others. She honors the lessons learnt on her yoga mat. She feels deeply. She breathes mindfully. She is committed to her own healing and happiness. She embraces her special spark. She is confident. She is humble. She knows how to ask for help and let’s herself receive it. She sees the good in everyone because she only knows the good within herself. She LOVES her life with every ounce of her being. She isn’t a perfect mom, but she is a real one.

This, my friends, is a mama who has found her groove. You may say – yeah right, that woman doesn’t exist. I am here to tell you she does, and she even exists within you. Finding your Mama Groove is about giving yourself permission to be yourself. It’s about becoming real and loving with your whole heart. As a conscious family coach and author, this is the life I help mothers create for themselves. You deserve to feel this good too, and I wrote Find Your Mama Groove to make sure you do.

newJoanna Hunt
Conscious Family Coach
Author of “Find Your Mama Groove” – Available on Amazon on 7 August
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