Insider’s Guide: Wanderlust Tremblant

Our Insider’s Guide series offers new ‘lusters a peek into our festivals and introduces veterans to fresh adventures.…

Our Insider’s Guide series offers new ‘lusters a peek into our festivals and introduces veterans to fresh adventures. In this installment, Wanderlust Montreal Studio co-owner Geneviève Guérard provides her tips and musings for a memorable Wanderlust Tremblant. Be sure to check out our highlights of Wanderlust Stratton, Aspen-Snowmass, Squaw Valley, Whistler and, of course, 25 Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer.

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When I was a little girl, my mom did sun salutations to stay healthy. She was a bit of a hippie. If I would have told her I was going to do the same thing when I got older with hundreds of people in a beautiful outdoor setting – she would have never believed me.

I’m excited to go to Wanderlust Tremblant for a second time. The whole experience is unforgettable: by day, we practice yoga and at night we listen to music and savor wine. Practicing yoga is a very personal experience, but to be surrounded by people who are experiencing the same thing with a smile on their face — that is magical.

It’s impossible to do everything at the festival, so here is what I will be doing each day:

Thursday – Day 1

Ali Kaukas

Enjoy the breathtaking, fresh air and find your balance on water. Bring a towel!

Once you’re dry, meet me at Cameron Shayne’s class – he teaches Budokon: where martial arts meets yoga.

Ali Kaukas

After unleashing your energy, share it with others! AcroYoga gets you out of your individual practice and brings you closer to other people. It’s a really fun challenge.

The Wanderlust Spectacular is the show not to miss. It embodies Wanderlust at its best.

Friday – Day 2

Ali Kaukas

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, start your day with a meditation class.

If you are not sore, learn to fly with Terri McCollum, she is an extraordinary teacher who will teach you how to elevate yourself with grace.

Next, take class with one of the coolest teachers I know: Jillian Turecki from Kula Yoga in New York City. I’ll be there. Alternatively, if you want to learn to meditate or deepen your practice, the wonderful Dawn Mauricio is leading a Loving-Kindness Meditation.

Internationally renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea is next. She is teaching five classes, throughout the weekend, but make sure you schedule early so you don’t miss her.

Then, to top it all off, meet me on a wine tasting cruise on Lac Tremblant! Yes please!

Saturday – Day 3

Start your day in the best way: Meditative hiking with Francine Thouin

Then, put on your running shoes and learn how to run better.

Don’t miss the workshop about successful conversation. My associate, Erik Giasson is leading it. He would not be my business partner if he had not experienced a spiritual awakening.

I fell in love with DJ Drez and MC Yogi long ago. Enjoy their crazy Beastie Yogi class and their great music. It was transcending last year.

It’s practically impossible to choose between all the options available on Saturday afternoon. I’ll let you choose what you want to do and I’ll meet you at the Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires show later that evening.

Sunday – Day 4

Meditation is an intriguing world of self-discovery. The Tantra of Meditation with Rod Stryker is a must.

Ali Kaukas

Take all your newfound self-knowledge to a workshop that will help you learn how to get closer to your higher self – led by Bram Levinson, the author of The Examined Life.


Did you bring a dude? Do you know a dude? Are you a dude? Meet Matt Giordianno for Yoga for Dudes.

After lunch, be sure to catch some time listening to Garth Stevenson. His music transports me.

Meghan Currie’s reputation precedes her and I can’t wait to meet her in class. She will surely end my weekend on a high note.

Principal dancer for the Grands Ballets Canadiens up until 2006, Geneviève made a transition to television as part of “Le match des étoiles” on Radio-Canada. Since then she has hosted several shows such as “Voulez-vous danser?” on Artv. Her wish to find that feeling of satisfaction through challenging herself, Geneviève discovered yoga. This discovery was a life changing revelation. After 20 years of classic dance training, she felt like she was breathing for the first time. She had finally found a practice that would keep her young while increasing her connection to the present moment.