Creating a new world – 7 key strategies to generate sustainable and long lasting change

Beautiful ones, As an activity I’m gradually picking up, we are invited to step into this new reality,…

Beautiful ones,

As an activity I’m gradually picking up, we are invited to step into this new reality, where there is still so much uncertainty and unknown paradigms for us to unravel. Navigating this transition will definitely channel our adventurous self but it can feel daunting as well.

This can be a wonderful opportunity to explore not only the insights and perspective shifts we have gathered during lockdown but most importantly, how we are taking those forward.

Have you taken the time to consider what is that you’d like to see around you from this moment forward? And if so, have you started working on a plan that will support the changes that you want to implement?

For most of us, this can sound very exciting but the reality is that not everyone will follow through. Why? It can be due to many reasons: foundations aren’t solid enough to support the changes, we haven’t defined a clear goal (that is quantifiable, realistic) and indeed all our mindset – fear, mental programming, saboteur, procrastination, inner chat…they will dive right in to hold us back.

After all these years supporting individuals and corporations in finding their pathway to change and provide tools for it to last, I want to share with you my 7 key strategies that will provide the solid foundation and comprehensive structure for you make successful and long-lasting changes – they are applicable to your personal life and or any aspect of your environment (work, relationships…)

Identify your VISION

Once you can see the new and fresh alternative reality you want to create, you can start working on how to get there. Sometimes it’s through contrast (what we don’t want) that we can really connect with what we really want.

Connect with your WHY

Those are your inner values – I want a promotion because of the extra money I will be able to afford a bigger home for my family, Or I want to run this marathon because I want to fundraise for the cause that means so much to me. The WHY will keep you going especially when things get tricky or you doubt yourself


We can get so distracted – social media, external stimulus and by the emergency of the momentum, or simply the subconscious conditioning that wants to keep us small (as a way to protect us from any « failure » or « rejection) – engaging all our resources and enabling all our bodies (mind, emotions and physical) to work as a team is fundamental.

Be open and receptive to alternative routes

It’s important to keep the eyes on the goal but equally valuable to be open and receptive to diversions or shortcuts that life can take us through. Resistance sometimes plays against our benefit and if anything, can keep us away from the natural flow of things – as long as you check that the way is in front of you is supporting your goals, give it a go, you never know how it will unfold. Also, surround yourself with creative and inspiring people – they can teach you something you wouldn’t have ever imagined and they might hold the missing piece you were looking for.

Sustainability & Resilience

Let’s set realistic goals – don’t aim to run a marathon in 2 weeks when we haven’t been for a run in 3 years! This is literally setting yourself up to fail – make gradual steps and plan accordingly. Equally, we need to be ready to face setbacks and opportunities to revise our goals, and perhaps try an alternative method.

Taking breaks is also a much-needed ally especially with all technological distractions around. We might obviously think that we are being productive, even if in reality it might imply a false sense of effectiveness, as instead of multitasking, we are really task-switching.

Equally, it’s important that we build resilience around it – focusing for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, taking 2-3 minutes breaks.

Acknowledge your inner badass

Change and transformation are tough processes – mainly because we resist! Give yourself big credit for what you are creating! Internal recognition is key to gravitating joy and a positive outlook (which doesn’t mean you can’t be realistic). Plus having a support network is essential to keep you going – your buddies will believe in you no matter what, and will have your back when going through a rough patch – coaches, mentors, accountability groups….

Be kind, be gentle, have fun!

Be super gentle and kind with the setbacks, with the doubts and the fears. They show you an invaluable insight into what’s getting in your way to where you want to be. Our past experiences, our « perfectionism » (an unattainable goal that will make us forever unhappy) and any patterns that come up when we are implementing change are absolutely normal and understanding why they are there – primarily to « protect you » – is fundamental for you decide if they support your new life and if not, letting them go and replace them with supportive ones.

And why not having fun while riding the waves?

Research shows us that when we are able to connect with our inner sense of joy and fulfillment, we are more productive

Looking after yourself (mentally, physically and emotionally) while regulating your energy levels will make such an impact in how you overall perform and succeed in your life goals. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – so neither is change. Drive can be a great motivator to keep us going but equally important is to develop inner awareness to allow ourselves take a break and for the changes, we are generating to settle and be implemented.

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Give it a go and let me know how it goes!

With great love and purpose,

Monica Ruiz
Founder – Ingenium in Movement
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Monica first discovered yoga and mindfulness two decades ago while developing her career in a result-driven and high-demanding corporate environment. They brought a sense of freedom, inner-peace and calmness that have accompanied her ever since. She combines different styles of yoga and somatic inspired movement (Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative and Nidra) with sound therapy, coaching and energy healing in order to create deep transformative experiences.

Her style is playful, creative and inquisitive, creating her unique “Holistic Wellbeing” offering, which combines cognitive, emotional and experiential frameworks to empower individuals to embody their authentic and resilient self. Currently London based, she teaches, hosts retreats and workshops locally and internationally. Follow her on Instagram and her website.