Breathe In Breathe Out To Discover Your Hidden Power

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The following is an excerpt of the book, Breathe In Breathe Out and interview with author and founder of Breathpod Stuart Sandeman.

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It’s time to get your breathe back

Since tragic loss brought him to breathwork, Stuart Sandeman has helped thousands of people transform their lives, simply by changing the way they breathe. Mornings wouldn’t be the same for many without waking up to his daily Instagram live sessions that set people up for their day since the pandemic. That’s not all, you can catch Stuart hosting his weekly Radio 1’s Decompression Session, giving you a soothing mix of chilled beats, and tools to remain grounded – no matter what life throws at you.

His new book Breathe In Breathe Out takes you on a journey to discover a hidden power within you that can change the way you think and feel. His accessible exercises, grounded in research and developed over years of practice will help you to sleep soundly, manage stress and pain, let go of limiting beliefs, boost your performance and focus and deepen the connection with yourself and others.

We sat down with founder of Breathpod, Stuart Sandeman, to talk about the new book:

Stuart Sandeman
Stuart Sandeman

Why have you chosen the mission to help people learn breathwork? 

Breathwork changed my life when I lost my girlfriend to cancer. Not only did help me find solace through grief and loss. It gave me a way to control my mind and emotions throughout the day and let go of the past conditioning that was holding me back – My old thought patterns, belief systems – all that “stuff” we all lug around. Breathwork also gave me a connection to a deep part of myself, beyond the thoughts and judgements of my mind. Amazed at my own transformation, I realised that if breathwork could help me, then it could help others. And if we collectively can cast off our stress, anxieties, worries, our emotional suffering then the world would be a much better place for us and the next generation. I set off on my mission to share breathing with the world and my business Breathpod was born.

What inspired you to host your daily IG lives? And how do you think this has helped people?

During the coronavirus pandemic I wanted to create a short morning breathwork practise to help people start their day with positive intention and feeling good. The sessions have helped people in so many ways physically, mentally and emotionally – from more energy, better sleep, improved health, better fitness, improved emotional intelligence and more. What’s was interesting is the sense of connection that soon grew in those that have joined those sessions –  There is such a loving, supportive Breathpod community – likeminded people that want the best for themselves, others and the planet.

What are the top 3 things people can learn from your new book?

How to use your breathing to improve your physical and mental health – better sleep, more energy, more calm, less pain.

How to use your breathing to manage your emotions, release your past, and reset your mind

How to optimise your breathing in any field – including sport, work and creative projects.

How does science play a fundamental role in breathwork?

 It’s all about science – the mechanics of how your breathing, the changes in bio chemistry when you breathe. How you breathe influences your nervous system which regulates how you think, feel and behave. I go into depth about this in Breathe in Breathe out. But also explore the magic too, which is the science we are still trying to figure out. This space is hugely exciting.

Finally, who is your inspiration and why?

I’m inspired daily by the messages I receive from people who have applied the breathwork tools and practises and completely changes their live for the better. It really gives me such a drive to share more. I am also inspired by the use of music alongside breathwork as this can really amplify the experience for people.

If In Doubt, Breathe It Out Exercise:

Stuart Sandeman

  1. Breathe in through your nose for a count of count if four, feeling your belly rise
  2. Hold your breath for a count of four, keeping clam and still
  3. Breathe out through your mouth for a count of eight. Drop your shoulders, relax your face, your jaw, behind your eyes, even your forehead
  4. Repeat as much as you need until you feel relaxed

When you’re in a stressed or anxious state, your thoughts tend to accelerate and your inner voice can get louder or begin to catastrophise. So it may take a few rounds of « If in Doubt, Breathe It Out » technique to calm yourself. You may wish to add some positive self talk too!

This excerpt was taken from Breathe In Breathe Out by author and founder of Breathpod Stuart Sandeman.

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Radio 1 Decompression Session
Radio 1 Decompression Session

Stuart Sandeman is a breathing expert, judo black belt and peak performance coach. He delivers powerful coaching and breath sessions that break negative habits, beliefs and patterns to move individuals and groups into a state of learning, development, self-awareness and flow.

Founder of Breathpod and Radio 1 Decompression Session host.

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