A Journey to Effortless Rest & Recharge

Do you find yourself yearning deep, nourishing rest on a soul level but can’t quite find the time?

As an energy healer and wellness advocate, I can become so caught up in the causes of others that I can burn out. I know I’m not alone in this; it’s a theme I see over and over again in my practice from other healers, teachers, caregivers, parents or empaths. We tend to put so much of ourselves into our calling and responsibilities that by the time all of our commitments are carried out there leaves little if any time for ourselves. Especially where we have dependents who rely on us continually or a stressful, demanding job which takes up so much of our headspace.

The more wired we become to serve others, the more self-care seems to be pushed farther away from our priorities.

Sometimes the thought of spending effort on ourselves can even make us feel unproductive! How many of us are guilty of avoiding purposeful self-care because we’re just too tired or don’t think we have the time? And how many more of us wish we could to meditate more, lean further into our yoga practice or simply just be.

We could also ask ourselves whether there is anything stopping us from practicing self-care. Whether there is any subconsciously held reason for us not to, and if so, what they might be and what they stand to gain.

It’s not easy to sit with the self when you’ve been avoiding doing that very thing. Perhaps there’s unaddressed emotional pain or deep, unhealed wounds which may mean, even on an unconscious level, that your very existence is centred around avoidance. Time doing nothing invites introspection, so go easy. There’s an amazing array of space holders which facilitate self-healing both face to face and remotely, go with your gut and seek the help which feels right.

Self-care doesn’t have to be this colossal effort requiring hours we don’t have; we can find moments of much-needed rest and recharge through simple mindful acts.

Here are a few which have helped me greatly, they only take minutes but provide me with precious moments of calm so very needed in the craziness of the day to day.

  • Drinking a morning brew in silence, before anyone else gets up.
  • Walking barefoot, or ‘Earthing’, even when I’m going from A to B.
  • Taking 3, deep, purposeful breaths when you feel dizzied with activity or overwhelmed. This is a meditation in itself.
  • Consciously eating nutritious meals and snacks – not just the kids’ leftovers or food hastily grabbed from the cupboard.
  • Getting lost in and breathing through just one of your favourite songs.
  • Five minutes of silence or listening to the wind in the trees. No words. No talking. Just listening.
  • An invigorating walk in the wind and rain. There’s nothing like the elements to bring you back into yourself and blast away stagnant energies. A therapeutic walk in nature resets a busy mind.

Doing nothing – this is not being unproductive, it is crucial to our wellbeing. It gives our minds a chance to catch up, to process thoughts and to regulate. It’s a sigh of the soul.

  • Looking towards nature, for example out of a window – this gives our eyes a rest and a calming visual to recharge our minds. Did you know that our eyes can depict more shades of green than of any other colour?
  • Dressing for rest – Restrictive clothing can put a strain on our joints if we’re rushing around or even just sitting in an office chair. This can make us physically tired and irritable. Give your body a rest and make sure what you’re wearing is kind and unrestrictive.
  • Distance Reiki – Remote energy healing has been vital throughout events of this year.

Who wouldn’t want to feel divine waves of bliss wash over them from the comfort of their own home? Even if you think you don’t have the time, an energy healer can ensure the treatment is received when you’re asleep. Time and distance are worldly illusions when you think in terms of energy. Receiving Reiki this way ensures you can heal in privacy if that is what you so need, and wake up the next morning feeling rested, replenished and energised.

Of course when we’re really burning out we should ideally take as much time as we need to repair, but this isn’t always possible. Weaving one or a few of these simple acts into our day can provide us with an inner place of solace. They’re small but precious tools for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing which can easily become second nature.


Alex de Angelis is a holistic practitioner and wellness witch based in London offering Reiki, EFT tapping, sound therapy, divination and guided therapeutic walks in the urban wilds. Energy healing, mindful living and the principles of shadow integration are at the heart of her work as she answers a collective calling for wholeness and reconnection. She holds space for individuals and groups, sharing tools of empowerment, self-healing, self-integration and spiritual development. Follow her on Instagram and her website.