Find Your True North

Vanessa Van Noy

AMB Logo 2013_SmallWith a personal Yoga practice that spans almost 20 years, Vanessa has trained in several styles and lineages, both nationally and internationally. She does not subscribe to any particular heritage but rather allows her students find their own spiritual path, through guided self study. 
 Vanessa has worked with all types of yogis from children to the elderly, from professional athletes to those with physical impairments, and everyone in between. Her training as a Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist allows her to be very hands on in her classes, using touch as a way to deepen a posture or just show a little love. 

Her classes are always a little bit different from the last. With music that motivates the body and lifts the spirit. Her class environment is conducive to laughing one moment, or possibly discovering your true inner-self the next. Along with teaching Yoga, Vanessa has been practicing Muay Thai boxing for over 10 years, and will sometimes strap on some sneakers for a run or a hike with her dogs. She enjoys taking her students on retreats to exotic places throughout the world, as well as helping them to find inspiration in their own backyards. Vanessa is a devoted vegan and believes that being compassionate should apply to all living creatures, not just humankind. She has been featured in worldwide magazines and been published on various yoga inspired websites.. Vanessa is a current Lululemon am- “badass”ador and loving every minute of it.