Find Your True North

Tatum Fjerstad

Born in the mid-80s, I’m of a transitional generation. One that was told that if we got good grades and went to college, we’d get a job and we’d meet our spouse and we’d make a family and everything would turn out purrfect. I’m here to tell you that things can be purrfect with or without all that stuff. In my few decades on this planet, I’ve held a variety of titles, including: beauty pageant winner (at age three. what.), a child actor both on stage and film, a server, an intern, a news reporter, a marketing copywriter, a band groupie and, more recently, a yoga teacher and content manager for Wanderlust. I’ve been practicing since 2005 and teaching since 2012. I’ve worked with teachers you’ve heard of and teachers you haven’t. All I know is that I’m here to teach from my heart and our mats are a place where we can come as we are and need only do one thing: just be.