Find Your True North

Matt Giordano

In the words of Matt Giordano’s students, practicing yoga with him is an “epic opportunity.” Be it a flow class, an anatomy-centered course or for a full immersion, Giordano’s teaching always contains the element of “workshop”–breaking moves down into small, digestible pieces with precise language and clear, simple demos–so the intimidating and impossible may become doable. Matt ensures that no student walks away without morsels of new and repeatable knowledge. All the while, he maintains a sense of seamless flow, which is satisfyingly sweaty and detoxifying. It is this uncommon combination of fluid experience and “workshop” techniques that places Giordano among the upper echelon of instructors.

Matt’s incredible attentiveness to alignment comes from a place of conviction. His in-depth studies in yoga, acrobatics and martial arts have granted phenomenal knowledge about the human body, and his ability to convey this information in an accessible and concise manner is what gives his students the confidence to be open to explore.

The warm, approachable energy Giordano exudes is filled with humility, allowing students to feel calm; ready to challenge their ideas of what is possible. Whether the yoga focuses on therapeutics, flow, one-armed handstands and arm balances, takes you to new heights (literally) in AcroYoga, or ends in a chorus of song, guitar-playing and chanting, Matt builds a unique environment where trust and knowledge thrive so a practitioner can truly advance.