Find Your True North

Julian Brass

Natural anxiety reduction expert, writer, speaker, Health Coach, teacher, advisor and investor, Julian has known that his purpose on planet earth is to inspire other through words and movement since his teenage years. He is a living embodiment of what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur – integrating spirituality in every part of his entrepreneurial journey (and every breath he takes). Before dedicating his life to helping people naturally overcome anxiety, create their best life, and find their higher purpose, Julian founded uber-successful Canadian media company, Notable & the Notable Awards, which became the largest digital company for driven millennials in the country. In early 2017 Julian sold Notable so that he could dedicate his life to his purpose and passion of serving others through his writing, popular keynotes, coaching, and workshops.

Julian created Flow with Intention exclusively for Wanderlust Festivals. He can’t wait to experience it with you.