Find Your True North

David Vendetti

I co-own and direct South Boston Yoga and began my research as a dancer, artist, and biologist. My studies brought fascinating enrichment in fitness, massage therapy, gymnastics, yoga, and retreats and travels worldwide. I wanted to make a difference, to help others see how incredible they are. I have always been a champion of the underdog and those who think in new ways.
I currently teach my own style of yoga which you could call « Playful and smart sequencing with a little conditioning, done in a room full of excellent people. » I also am a bodyworker, a Structural Integrator and my work centers around shifting people out of pain and into alignment. My hope is through both of these disciplines to help each individual find a way to walk freely, breath deeply and enjoy a strong, supple and well balanced body. Lastly I teach teachers. I teach them to teach others, to take care of themselves and what it is to be human and see another person as human.