Rod Stryker: Decoding the Mystery of Relationships

Rod Stryker, accomplished yogi, author and teacher explains his four simple principles for healthy relationships

Rod Stryker at Wanderlust’s Speakeasy

“Solidify yourself on the ground of who you are.”

In this talk from Wanderlust’s Speakeasy at Lake Tahoe, Rod Stryker, accomplished yogi, author and teacher explains his four simple principles for healthy relationships. In this lecture he explores the nature of marriage and partnerships and how the expectations have changed over the past century. No longer bound by the same contractual, familial expectations, marriage has gone from being a contractual affair between families to one where two parties can be together based on their intimate feelings. Stryker encourages and exploration of this evolution. Although he speaks of feminine and masculine traits, he emphasizes that his four principles can be used in any relationship, regardless or gender.

His recipe for success includes the following: preparation, wise choice, a dedication to actively love and serve each partner. Stryker acknowledges that relationships are never easy, when they are it usually indicates that something is wrong. Be active in everything you do, make the choice to participate and love and nourish yourself and your partner.

Rod Stryker is the founder of ParaYoga® and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom. He has taught for nearly 35 years and is widely considered to be one of the West’s leading authorities on the ancient traditions of yoga, tantra, and meditation. An initiate in the ancient Tantric science of Sri Vidya, Rod is one of only a few Americans transmitting an authentic living tradition that has been practiced and handed down, from teacher to student, for literally thousands of years. Rod leads trainings, workshops, retreats and advanced yoga study programs worldwide. In 2014, he will debut the online version of the ParaYoga Master Trainings.

“The less you need from that other person, the moment you don’t need a relationships—they come.”

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