Jason Brown: From Football to Farming

Jason Brown shares his story of faith and love as he takes us through the journey that led him from football to farming.

“Learning to give back sowed a seed in my heart that I wanted to change people’s lives for the better.” – Jason Brown

When the spirit calls to you, it’s time to listen. Jason Brown, a former professional football player for the St. Louis Rams, felt he was destined for bigger things, but didn’t fully realize his potential until after leaving a successful career in the NFL for something a little less glamorous: farming.

From a young age, Brown had always dreamed of taking over the family landscaping business. He found joy in beautifying the neighborhood and satisfaction in the good he was doing for the community. Yet his natural gifts of athleticism led him down a different path. While football allowed him to travel, see the world, and build his fortune, it left him spiritually unfulfilled. It was only after a spiritual calling that he decided to head back to his roots.

“Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith, regardless of our biggest fears.” – Jason Brown

With the support of his family, Brown decided to return to tending the land and bought a farm. One of his main goals was not only to provide food for himself and those he loved, but also to provide for the community as a whole. Brown spearheaded efforts to gather the surplus crops of nearby farms and set aside acreage to grow food for local food banks and city pantries. Through his efforts, Brown donated over 140,000 pounds of sweet potatoes for local residents in need, and this year he hopes to reach his goal of amassing a quarter million pounds of food for donation. Brown is a living example of how far you can go if you listen to your dreams, and in this lecture he shares the story of how his path led him to where he is today.

“The more you give, the more will come back and be given to you.” – Jason Brown

Produced by Wanderlust Festival
Filmed and Edited by: Circus Picnic
Filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2015