Hugh Acheson: Cooking From Scratch in a Modern World

Accomplished chef, author, and James Beard winner Hugh Acheson talks about the future of cooking.

What is from scratch cooking? It is a reaction to your community, an immersion into your area.” – Hugh Acheson

Growing up on a diet of real food, Hugh Acheson knew he had to take action when his daughter returned from her first home economics class bearing recipes for pre-made, bacon-wrapped biscuits and box-mix red velvet cupcakes. This was not the made-from-scratch cooking he had come to know and love, and more importantly, it was a far cry from a curriculum that would teach his daughter and her classmates how to prepare real, healthy foods in the real world. In this talk from Wanderlust Speakeasy, Hugh Acheson, an accomplished chef, author, and James Beard Award winner, talks about what it means to cook from scratch and how failing to teach our children to do so is costing us their futures.

“Fast food was a treat, and now it’s an everyday thing—and we wonder why we’re struggling as a society for health.” – Hugh Acheson

Hugh was drawn to cooking at a young age, starting in restaurant kitchens at 15 years old. Over the years he has developed and honed his talent for revitalizing traditional Southern Cooking into something fresh, seasonal, and healthy. He has used his talent to benefit the community and recently stepped in to modernize the idea of what a home economics class should cover. Pulling on resources from around local schools and farms his new venture will introduce kids to farm to table eating, from scratch cooking, and essential life skills like money management and responsibility. He hopes his teachings will arm kids with the tools they need to care for themselves and their families and eventually break the circle of unhealthy eating and obesity in the United States.

For more information, check out his website.

Produced by Wanderlust Festival
Filmed by: Circus Picnic
Edited by: Start Motion Media
Filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2015