Ana Forrest: The Beauty of Ceremony

A transformative approach to self-healing and the power of ceremony.

From the dawn of time, ceremony and ritual have shaped our lives. While the digital world may have made the idea of ceremony seem antiquated, it is still alive, well, and relevant to our lives today.

“I use ceremony to connect to my authentic self and to my spirit—I work on crafting a life that I am proud to live in.” – Ana Forrest

Although we may not notice, ceremonies and rituals pop up in everything from our morning routines, our practice of yoga, our faith and act as important markers for life changes and choices. In this talk, Ana will share some of the ceremonies that she has learned and created: Ceremonies for addressing life’s challenges and traumas, and importantly, ceremonies for designing a life that makes you proud of yourself. Through Ana’s teachings we can rediscover the beauty of inviting ceremonies into our own personal spaces. No matter what your profession or path we can all benefit from and enjoy the magic of everyday ritual.

Ana is an internationally-recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing. Ana created Forrest Yoga as she worked through her own life traumas—including abuse, addictions and an unhealthy relationship with food—to find healing. She teaches from an intuitive and highly-developed understanding of the human body and psyche. Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical, internally-focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.

“Ceremony brings clarity in life about what to do next.”

Native American Medicine and the clinical application of healing modalities—including homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, reflexology, pressure point and craniosacral therapies, Shiatsu, chiropractic, and hands-on healing—are an integral part of her practice. Through her work Ana has pledged is to do her part in ‘Healing the Hoop of the People.” Each year she gives thousands of people the tools to help them design a life that makes them proud.

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