Walter White’s Espresso

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A bit about us:

Walter White’s Espresso is a mobile specialty coffee caterer based in Amsterdam aiming to serve some of the finest take-away coffee. In our three-year existence we’ve been to many different events throughout The Netherlands – one of those being the debut edition of Amsterdam’s Wanderlust 108 event.

As one of the first sellers of much-loved Amsterdam roasters Fried Hats, we’re excited to be bringing some of our city’s best coffee across the border – as well as a great selection of other hot drinks and fresh-baked treats from other local makers.

This will be our first time abroad and we are incredibly thrilled to be participating in Wanderlust’s hometown event in Berlin, and look forward to helping make magic together.

What makes us special:

The team behind Walter White’s Espresso are immensely passionate coffee lovers with an equally huge love for hospitality. We pride ourselves on having turned our passion into a profession – something we hope is evident in everything we do.

We serve delicious specialty coffee and only use the best available organic produce with a strong focus on sustainability. Besides that, we aim to create a customer experience that’s friendly, honest and genuine, and we thrive on turning something like a simple coffee break into something to remember. Our motto is not for nothing: “Making the ordinary, extraordinary!”