The New Moon Ritual We’re Using This Month

Set the lunar cycle off right and press reset with this new moon ritual.

The new moon is the ultimate time press the reset button and start anew. The presence of this lunar transition symbolizes initiation and new beginnings, as reflected in beautiful, darkly blank sky. In farming traditions, the new moon was a time when the soil was fertile and wet—therefore prime-time for planting seeds both in the garden and one’s heart. 

In less lofty terms, the new moon is an opportunity to rid ourselves of toxic patterns and welcome in new projects. According to Aarona Lea, author and co-founder of the Moon Deck, the new moon is „a potent time to set intentions, with present sincerity, around how you will show up for the next month to activate and manifest what you’re calling in.“

„The focus can be anything—spiritual, professional, personal, physical, emotional, etc.,“ Aarona says. „It’s best to avoid creating a ‘laundry list’ of intentions, and really zone in on what you can realistically focus on and bring to life until the next new moon… Consider what actions, practices, words, and thoughts will help you move in the desired direction within the course of a 28-day cycle, and then during the following new moon, next steps will be revealed.“

This new moon is in Aries, joining a stellium (over three planets in the same sign)—so this new moon month is especially potent and powerful for making new changes. And since the new moon in Aries is conjunct with Uranus (which brings sudden inspiration and unexpected events), these changes might surprise you.

We recommend making the most of this sacred time by honoring the newness with our favorite New Moon ritual. Grounding and easy to slide into your evening, this provides a fun and gentle way to welcome in changes that may have otherwise been intimidating. Shine on, lunar-loving yogis!

The week before:

A week before the cycle begins, notice the things that repeatedly come up for you. Are you struggling in your relationship, or for clarity in your career? Are you brimming with creative ideas? Paying attention to where your mind wanders is a wonderful opportunity to gather insight as to what your subconscious is chasing.

A day before:

Gather the materials. It’s not about being materialistic—it’s about using physical representations to symbolize the growth you wish to manifest. Things like your favorite smelling herbs, crystals, and candles can help create a sensory experience. We consider dried sage and essential oils, well, essential, as aroma is a powerful tool in clearing and creating connection. Be sure to grab a journal and pen to write down your intentions—you’ll want a physical representation of these dreams.

The day of: Set the space.

If you’re doing you’re working with a group, ensure that everyone has a comfy place to park their seat, using folded blankets and pillows as cushions. Consider placing an alter in the middle of the circle as a space for the candles, crystals, and other sacred objects. If you’re practicing your moon ceremony privately, play with a location that feels good to you, whether that be outside, in front of an open window, or before your meditation altar. Either way, be sure to sage the space before beginning. Take a small bundle and light the ends, waving the smoldering glow across the space and allowing the calming aroma to fill the room.

Ground down and meditate.

Get comfy and take a few deep breaths before slipping into your meditation. We recommend a meditation that focuses on opening and creating space, as this will help mirror the state of the dark, blank sky. Aim for ten to twenty minutes to really savor that stillness.

Get your pen and paper. 

You’ll find that making lists can be especially beneficial when attempting to organize your thoughts. What would you like to create this cycle? What would you like to feel? Make a list of five to ten items, using positive and affirming language. Try using “I am” or “I will” instead of “I want” or “I need.” Focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t. After making your lists, contemplate what you can do (yes, actionable steps!) to achieve each of these things.

Vocalize your intentions.

It may feel silly, but it can be incredibly empowering to speak our intentions aloud. Consider making this optional if you’re in a group of people, as this can be a vulnerable practice for most.

Close out the ceremony.

Take a moment to express gratitude for yourself and the opportunity to meditate on your desires.

Now settle in, get cozy, and prep for your New Moon ritual. That reset button never felt so good.

Amanda Kohr is the editor at Wanderlust. You can find her exploring new highways, drinking diner coffee, and on Instagram