Move With the Elements: Water

Let a sense of renewal and rejuvenation wash over you as you flow through movement with the energy of water.

When we think of water images of crystal blue waves, waterfalls, and downpours of rain come to mind.

A word most often—and appropriately—associated with water? Flow. When we step onto our mats, and take a moment to recognize movement throughout practice, we quickly realize it all revolves around this word, too. We mimic water as we flow from one movement to the next. We move with intention, in tune with body and mind the same way water is in tune with nature.

The elemental energy of water is so much more than flow and imagery, though.

Though water flows freely and without hesitation, it is powerful and unyielding, too. While it may not be immediately apparent on the surface, water is a dynamic and mighty energy. On a spiritual level, water can have a healing association and is often connected with cleansing our energy, purification, and renewal.

This element also embodies strength, clarity, and persistence. It moves around and through obstacles set in its path with grace, and cascades into the unknown with power and tenacity.

As we move through life on and off the mat we will undeniably be met with challenges and hurdles. Look to this elemental energy for inspiration and guidance. With a newfound sense of empowerment and vitality, we may move through our difficult times more skillfully and perhaps even find a path of least resistance.