Move, Aside Props: Here is an Alternative Way to Support Your Yoga Practice

A tool no digital yogi can say no to.

Being yogis with experience, we know first-hand that keeping up with an online class can sometimes come with challenges, whether it’s a missed cue from a teacher you’re keen to replay, an unlucky laptop placement on your floor, or wifi that is playing games. This is why we wanted to bring a bit more ease into your practice and turned to our friends at Looxa who create yoga sequence illustrations.

In essence, it’s a class summary with drawings of all postures. You might ask, why is it useful? We say – it’s convenient for noting down the teacher’s cues, in-depth study of the sequence or your sensations during the practice, and handy to have with you while flowing offline or getting insight to a class without having to drag a slider.

You can check the debut illustrations by Looxa in this Kula Flow with Beau Campbell – simply click „resources“ button under the video player and download the PDF attachment. We’d be really grateful to know your feedback and whether you found it helpful – simply drop us an email at