Harnessing the Power of Crystals for Sexual Wellbeing

How crystals help you tap into your sexual energy as a creative force.

Thoughts are things.   

The vibrations and energy of an object or being can influence its surroundings. In the plant and crystal kingdoms, you have encapsulated qualities of some of the most powerful and noble expressions of humanity and spirit. 

Let’s talk about three of the most potent crystals on the planet for sexual health and healing.  

CrocoiteFirst up is Crocoite: the libido booster and firestarter. Crocoite is the most primal, passionate, sexual stone on the planet. Why have you never heard of it, you ask? Um, because everyone is terrified of sex?!??! It really looks like this—a rich, vibrant orangey-red. 

This is the color of the second chakra the chakra of sex and creativity. It’s found primarily in Tasmania, which has the cleanest air and rainwater on earth. And the hottest crystals! 


Crocoite is the crystal for passion. It is also known for:

  • Reviving your libido and kickstarting your passion—both in bed and in all parts of your life where you may have been lacking oomph. 
  • Bringing new life into old relationships and supporting transformation and a fresh start 
  • Improving erectile issues—look at all those erect rods!!! 
  • Animalistic and primal expression 
  • It’s also meant to increase sensitivity in sexual organs 
  • Boosting fertility 
  • Balancing all manner of female and male reproductive issues

Second up is Rhodochrosite, which is the most powerful crystal for sexual healing.  


  • Helps to heal deep-seated trauma
  • Clean issues of sexual abuse, trauma and assault, including circumcision. 
  • Rebuilds a sense of self-love and self-worth.
  • Aids you in seeing your part in relationships and where you might be projecting your stuff onto your partner.

Garnet is best for harnessing sexual power and channeling that into creative energy into the world. It also is known to:

  • GarnetFacilitate Tantric wisdom  known as a Master Tantric stone 
  • Rev up the sexual appetite
  • Help you tap into your sexual energy as a creative force 
  • Connect you to your dharma
  • Boost fertility in men and women


How do you use your crystals? Try one of two ways:

Physically. Keep them close to you by carrying them with you, or placing them near you, like on your bedside table, where you work or spend a lot of time. You cleanse the crystal by placing it in the sun, moonlight, or salt water and then you infuse it with an intention.

The second way is to ingest the vibrational essence of the crystal orally, taken as an elixir. This is thought to be an even more powerful way to assimilate the energy of the crystal within you. If you’ve seen Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments, then you know that water is easily charged with vibrational frequencies.

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Kim Anami HeadshotKim Anami is a holistic sex + relationship coach, and vaginal weight lifter, who is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed. Listen to her acclaimed Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast, see her sex education videos on YouTube and experience her life-changing online programs at kimanami.com.


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