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I could use some love in my life. And something caught my eye… It’s a big hunk… Of rose quartz.

BUT it’s from a major retail store, one that has some less-than-happy-hippy business practices. It’s kind of like buying organic food from big box grocery stores. Will I get bad juju if I buy „mindful“ products from less-than-mindful businesses?

Way to a go for being such a conscious consumer. That alone is worth some serious good juju karma in my book. When it comes to crystals, I personally believe that if it calls to you—if you are drawn to it—listen to that, regardless of what your mind (or environment) might be telling you. Since rose quartz connects with all things love, and heart chakra, listen to what your heart chakra is saying.

Bottom line: Your soul made you look at it and think about it to the point that you are writing into Wanderlust asking if it is ok to get it. I think your heart is telling you that you should get it. Don’t get me wrong, though: Cleanse the crap out of it. Ain’t nobody got time for a dirty hunk clouding their heart chakra! Smudge it using white sage smoke, or give it a bath in full moonlight, sunlight, or salt water. You can also use a visualization technique to help cleanse any unconscious commercialism off your crystal.

Sometimes the most special treasures and lessons in life come to use through the most interesting messengers or channels. The fact that you spotted such a beautiful, organic, holistic gem in between the commercial fog of this store says a lot. You spotted it for a reason… Listen to your heart and go get it.

I’m the queen of justifications.

While I have no problem staying in during a blizzard and skipping my morning class, I sometimes wonder if I let myself off the hook too easily when it comes to my yoga practice. I’m either tired, or stressed, or would rather hang with a friend or watch my favorite show. But I know a steady practice is good for me—and I don’t not want it. I never regret going to class. How do I get my heart and mind aligned so I can better prioritize my practice?

Firstly, you are human. Sometimes living a human life may mean that you cannot always rock a disciplined yogi lifestyle. The key? Balance. Think of balance like a yogi headstand, that takes conscious Mula Bandha to be executed correctly.

It is clear you are conscious of the benefits of going to class, and of the payoff for your soul. It is also clear that you are conscious of your body’s needs and your energy levels. Take guilt out of it. Stop thinking with your head. Start listening to your soul, and your body’s needs. What deep down do you need that day? Listen to yourself. A steady practice is ideal, but don’t beat yourself up for the odd skipped class when you feel you need some self-care.

Forget about getting your head and heart aligned: Instead listen to all of your chakras, all of your energy, all of your being—and tune into what you need and why. It could be a compromise of doing an online class in the comfort of your home on days when your energy bank is running low. It could be doing a simple Savasana meditation. Tune into your needs first. Then the action will come. The key is balance.

What’s the best way to cleanse a room before moving in?

I could really use a new start. Do I burn sage, buy crystals? I also don’t want to intimidate my roommate by setting up a crystal altar… We don’t know each other that well yet. Any suggestions for a modern-practical yogi?

As someone who had an awkward first encounter with my next-door neighbor mid-white-sage-cleansing ceremony I agree with you on being respectful of not alienating those around you. Funny story: My neighbor was a policemen and came over to investigate because it turns out that white sage has a similar aroma to marijuana. Great first impression!

Learning from my cleansing faux-paux, here are some options for you to help purify your new sanctuary. Go with whatever options resonate with you most.

  • A simple and low-key ritual is to simply light a candle and repeat affirmations like, „My home is full of love and good vibes.” Visualise white light cleansing the house, every corner, closet, and doorway. Visualise yourself moving around the house, painting it with white light good vibes.
  • A more subtle cleanse is to open the windows on the east side of your home, and burn sandalwood incense or dried white sage, this is an ancient cleanser. (Buy incense from India, Japan, or China as the energy is stronger.) You can simply let one stick burn in each room and let the negative energy float out the windows naturally.
  • For ongoing cleansing keep clear quartz in your windows, or around your home to help cleanse any negative energies that come into your sanctuary. Obsidian stones can also be used to warn off bad energies from entering the home.

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