Find Your True North

Yoga Nidra and Manifesting Your Best Life

Tracee Stanley

Spend the day with Tracee Stanley on a journey of deep relaxation, self inquiry, and manifestation. ParaYoga Nidra is the sublime science of complete relaxation. It is also one of the most profound and accessible ways to positively reshape the unconscious.

In this day-long experiential immersion we will take a deep dive into three of the several aims of yoga nidra: Healing, Sankalpa, and Transformation. We will explore the theory of Sankalpa (heartfelt intention) and how to create a Perfect Sankalpa that will make it more likely for you to move beyond obstacles and to manifest the intentions that are aligned with your best life. This immersion will guide you towards an embodied experience of the state of consciousness that is Yoga Nidra and leave you with tools to take home to amplify your wellbeing and overall fulfillment.

Be prepared for long deep relaxations, self inquiry, and lecture. Bring a journal, your favorite pen, eye covering, light shawl and anything else you may need to be absolutely comfortable.

  • Morning practice: Lecture and Journaling
  • Lunch break (food sold separately)
  • Afternoon practice: Yoga Nidra Practice

About Your Guides

Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley has been studying Yoga and Tantra since 1995. Her introduction to yoga was through the practice of Kundalini Yoga where she was fortunate enough to practice with Yogi Bhajan on several of his visits to Yoga West. She was soon introduced to the practice of Hatha yoga and became passionate about sharing how yoga had changed her life. She went on a search for a teacher and met her teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Tracee began sharing her understanding of the ancient technology of Tantra when Yogarupa Rod Stryker initiated her into the lineage of Sri Vidya in 2001.…
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