Find Your True North

Brennan Figari

About Aerial Yoga

„Turn your yoga practice upside down and learn to fly with fl’AIR Yoga! This unique style of aerial yoga, fl’AIR Yoga, focuses on technique and alignment to increase your body awareness and help unlock the potential in all of us. The unique poses and patterns will work on improving your strength, flexibility, and balance, to leave you feeling fit, flexible, and ready to take on the world! Please note: this class will be taught in English and will be performed contactless. To learn more about fl’AIR Yoga or try it again, visit“



“Originally from California, Brennan spent more than 10 years touring the world as a professional aerial artist before relocating to Berlin, Germany in 2017 to co-found Fl’air Studios. Through this studio he helped create fl’AIR Yoga, a unique style of aerial yoga that focuses on increasing flexibility, strength, balance, and control through various flows and poses. Accessible to all ages and abilities, fl’AIR Yoga is about looking within and focusing on our individual journey. We believe that if we can change our bodies, we can change our minds; allowing ourselves live free, open, passionate lives and hopefully spread this joy of life to other we interact with.”